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Egoboo is an open source, cross-platform computer game. It's a three-dimensional dungeon crawling adventure that borrows a lot of elements from the roguelike genre. Egoboo is still under development, but it is fully playable.

Egoboo could be called a lot of things; "ARPG", "hack and slash", or perhaps "rougelike". It is an action-based adventure game with a unique mood and style. In Egoboo, you will slay hordes of foul monsters, explore many unusual locations, and get lots of really cool loot. Your ultimate quest is to save Lord Bishop, the king of the land, from the evil Dracolich. It is a difficult task, and you will have to face unbelievable danger to accomplish your goal.

Instead of just listening to us ramble on about the game, though, you should check it out yourself! Click on the "Download" button on the top.

Game Features

  • Over 40 uniquely hand-crafted mystical dungeons
  • Choose between 8 different classes like the Wizard, Elf or Rogue
  • Play with up to four players using hotseat!
  • Awesome 3D graphics with cute and funny character models 
  • Support for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.


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Egoboo was originally created in 1999 by Aaron Bishop, who was known at the time as "Programmer X". Later, he grew tired of working on the project, and his brother, Ben Bishop, urged him to release it as open source. After Aaron abandoned the project, a group of people interested in the game formed the Zippy project, and the game was developed collectively for a while.

Eventually, the Zippy project died out. Not too long after that, though, the Resurrection project surfaced. Development continued from there, and it had its ups and downs, but it never fully died out like the previous projects.

"Resurrection" was later reintroduced as the official Egoboo project. Aaron was nice enough to let us use his old URL and all that cool stuff, and development has continued steadily since then.

Egoboo is a collaborative effort that has been worked on over a period of several years by many people (too numerous to mention here). It is an open source game and is entirely free of charge, so it is being developed by a bunch of people who are working in their spare time.

Fortunately, we are all quite dedicated (usually), so while the pace may slow down or speed up at times, the game is being worked on constantly. We could always use more help, so if you think you can be of assistance, you should head over to the "Development" page and find out how you can. If you don't think you can do anything... Well, that's nonsense. Anyone can play the game, and it's always helpful to have more people to uncover bugs and the like.



This is a list of the current active developers. For the full list of developers (and it's really big!), check the game manual or the forums.

Project Leader- Zefz aka Johan Jansen
Lead Coder - bgbirdsey
Linux support - penguinflyer5234
Developer - Cimeries aka Ben Weiss
Artwork - Woodmouse aka Kalle Suhonen
Artwork - Agent of Dread
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