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Egoboo Development Diary Part 5 - 25.02.2016

Hello and welcome back for yet another development diary for Egoboo. We have some exciting news for you! Nightly builds are up and running. So now you can download the game in it's current development state and try out all the new features. Feedback for additional bug reports or suggestions for improvements or other tweaks are welcome! You report issues here.

So what is going on?

We are still rewriting old legacy code to C++ and optimizing the rendering code so that it can run on any integrated Intel HD graphics card (no dedicated GPU hardware required). A vast amount of bugfixes and porting has already been done, so the overall state of the game and code-base has been vastly improved since last year. The code is now more clear and concise after removing a lot of legacy code, which makes it easier to maintain and add additional features in the future. The game currently runs fine on Windows, Linux and Macintosh systems both in 32-bit and 64-bit mode. Other than the source code itself, we also want to rework the data files so that it is easier to maintain and bugfix the datafiles themselves while keeping the simplicity and moddability Egoboo has. The last few development diaries mentioned various new game features like Perks, a brand new Stealth system and numerous other gameplay improvements. Our aim is to make the game easier and more fun to play!

It is all in the Details

We have done some extra attention to graphical details, improving texture detail, particle effects and reflections among other things. Floor reflections have proper reflection falloff if you jump or fly above the ground. The text messages on top of the screen fade away gradually instead of suddenly disappearing. The floating text that indicates the amount of damage you deal or take now becomes bigger or smaller depending on the amount of damage dealt. Here are a few screenshots on some examples of improvements:

Higher quality texture for Wizard Starter floor pentagram

Better flame and smoke effect from Braziers

Improved fog effect in G’nome Starter

ayu2hami is working on HD version of textures for characters and monsters

Bonus: A new spellbook icon for evil necromancy spells!

A new Map Editor

We have begun working on a new in-game map editor that allows you to create and modify game modules using the game engine. This allows you to see exactly how the module will look in-game and allows for rapid play testing in-game. By re-using the game engine we can more easy maintain and improve the map editor as the game evolves. It is also completely cross-platform and has no additional dependencies above that Egoboo itself requires! This new map editor replaces the previous two map editors Cartman and EgoMap. Creating a proper mapping tool is no easy task, so do not expect it to be fully functional with all required features in the near future.

Nightly Builds up and running!

We finally have nightly builds for Windows binaries! This allows you to download the latest development version and help us test the game and give us feedback to improve the game. You can get them here: Download Link If you are interested in aiding development, take a look at these links:

Developer Chat:
Source Code:
Data Files:

Bugfixes and Changes

  • Reworked Whirlwind Spell for improved physics. It now also affects particles such as arrows or coins. Can easily be modded for new spell effects like Black Hole or a Repulsion Field.
  • Improved Levitation spell
  • Fix various AI script bugs
  • Improved lighting engine
  • Make it easier to loot items from chests or from the inventories of dead monsters
  • Optimized font rendering to improve FPS
  • Added new glacial spike door to Ice Palace. Use fire or crushing weapons to open!
  • Fixed various transparency and reflection graphics glitches
  • Soldier Starter chest properly drops Chainmail armour instead of another Leather Jerkin
  • Improved particle effects for torches and braziers
  • Improved fog effect in G’nome Starter
  • Better texture for pentagram in Wizard Starter
  • Improved physics interaction with grabbing and dropping chair stools
  • Optimization to particle effects to improve game performance
  • Graphics engine and game physics optimizations for better and more stable frame rate
  • Fixed some memory leaks and reduced overall memory usage
  • Fixed some possible crash bugs
  • Make it easier to jump on mounts
  • Fix some animation glitches when getting hurt
  • Improved game camera
  • GUI should now properly adapt and handle all supported resolutions
  • Reworked movement physics so that interactions with platforms and the mesh is no longer buggy and overall feels better. This makes it easier to interact with platforms (e.g less chance to glitch through them) and improved icy floor physics among other things.
  • Improve monster grab attack interaction (e.g Carpet Mimic or the Water Wierd)
  • Reduce particle usage by preventing cosmetic particles (e.g smoke or sparkles) from spawning outside the camera view. This frees up more particles for stuff that happens on the screen and generally improves frame rate.
  • The no reflection IDSZ [VAMP] now works as it should.
  • Fix Tranches hiding in chests from glitching out of the world when jumping out of the chest.
  • Fix possible bug where losing money could cause an underflow and give you a lot of money back.
  • Fix possible issue for detecting if and object is in your inventory
  • The collision dampen attribute is now properly used for collision handling
  • Fixed some issues in platform attachment weight calculation that could cause traps or buttons to trigger prematurely.
  • Buying armours in town shops now properly costs you money
  • Sound effects are properly mixed in 3D space for split-screen cameras

Egoboo Development Diary Part 4 - 11.09.2015

It’s time for the fourth part of the development diary series of Egoboo! We introduce introduce a special perk in the new perk system called Stealth, a charge bar for spells and improvements to the physics system.


We have implemented a completely new and standardized stealth system. The Stealth ability is acquired from a Perk and is activated by pressing the Stealth button. While your character is in Stealth mode, he/she will move slower but cannot be detected by enemy monsters. You cannot enter stealth while enemies can see you and there is a chance based on your Agility vs their Intellect if you are detected while stealthing. For monsters looking directly at you, this chance is significantly increased. Bumping into enemies, jumping or attacking automatically reveals your position.


The Stealth system can be used to sneak behind monsters and backstab them, sneak past monsters to avoid fights or to surprise sleeping monsters without waking them up! There are a couple of Perks that improve your stealth ability, allowing you to jump, move faster and even hide in plain sight! The Rogue starts with the basic Stealth perk while the Adventurer, Archaeologist, Elf, Tourist, Valkyrie and Zombi can learn this ability at later levels. There are numerous monsters that also take advantage of the new Stealth system, so look out and keep a wary eye towards the shadows!

Spell Channeling

When using magic, there is now a channeling bar which displays how much you need to charge the spell before it is ready to be cast. The charge bar is also split into levels for spells that have different effects depending on how long you charge them (e.g the Missile spell shoots more missiles the longer you charge it). The charge bar automatically scales depending on your Spell Power ability.

Note the charge bar in the top right corner. Unleashing the spell now would summon 2 additional missiles.

Game Physics

This update has been long overdue. Major improvements and fixes have been made to the game physics.
  • This gives a better overall feel when colliding with other objects or walls.
  • You can no longer glitch through other objects or get stuck inside walls.
  • You can no longer slide into boxes, tables or corners of bookshelves
  • Improved platform physics for easier jumping between platforms
  • Particle physics have been improved for better collision detection
  • Slippery ice works again!
  • Its easier to jump on top of mounts
This should also fix a couple of physics related bugs like activating switches when bumping or triggering weight related traps or buttons.

More GUI Improvements

]This is still work in progress, but we’ve added two new tabs to the Character Window (the one with the Attributes and Inventory). A list of known perks that your character has mastered. As you gain many levels, the list of perks you’ve learned grows long and with this window you can select any of the perks you’ve learned to read how it works and what triggers its activation.

Perks Known

What is causing slowdown, draining your health, what exactly does the Morph spell do? Well with the new Active Enchants window you can see all active enchantment effects on your character and examine what attributes they affect.

Active Enchantments

Bugfixes and Changes

  • Various bugfixes for spells not working properly
  • Collision issues fixed (no more glitching through other objects or randomly teleporting inside walls)
  • Fix some doors not opening properly
  • Only draw “Immune!” if objects are truly immune to damage
  • Fix bug in calculating speed limit for characters
  • Fix graphical issue with transparent and shiny objects
  • Various AI improvements
  • Make Egoboo monsters take advantage of new Perk system
  • More accurate frame rate limiting
  • New Audio Options screen
  • Completely new Enchant system that is much less buggy
  • Fix configuration not always saved properly
  • Added new spellbook skins
  • Improved platform physics so they are easier to use
  • Fix weight calculation on platforms (fixing various traps or buttons)
  • Fix some transparency rendering issues
  • Fix some particle graphical issues
  • Fix various Enchant issues
  • Fix ice slippery not working
  • Fix armors always costing 0 zenny
  • Multithreaded loading optimizations
  • Fix/improve particle deflection mechanics
  • Fixed foreground/background rendering
  • Added loading bars
  • Fixed some overflow issues
  • Reduced memory usage and fix memory leaks
  • Game performance optimizations
  • The usual bunch of minor bugfixes

Egoboo Development Diary Part 3 - 03.08.2015

t’s time for the third part of the development diary series of Egoboo! Last time we focused on converting to SDL 2.0, fixing bugs and converting the codebase to C++. This time we are happy to announce some new gameplay improvements in addition to the usual list of bugfixes.

In-Game GUI

Egoboo finally has a proper user-interface in-game. We have designed the current system so that it is easy to expand or improve upon. This features a new inventory and character screen. Now you can finally examine your character attributes and defences.

New character and inventory interface

The minimap can now be moved around and resized using the M button. Now the icon of characters or monsters is drawn on the minimap instead of tiny blips.

New minimap zoom feature

A new simplified and improved Video Options screen is implemented. A similar screen for Audio and Input Binding is in the works.

Attribute Revamp

Some focus has been made into making the character attributes more interesting. Egoboo currently features the following character attributes:

Formerly known as Strength. Represents the fortitude, power and physical prowess of your character. Your Might attribute directly affects the following:
  • This increases damage with melee weapons
  • Determines knockback effect
  • Jump power
  • Block chance for shields and chance to break a Block
  • Increases character size
Formerly known as Dexterity. Represents how fast, energic and quick your character can react and move. A character's Agility directly affects the following things:
  • Increases attack speed
  • Movement speed
  • Hit chance with ranged weapons
  • Damage with ranged weapons
  • Chance to disarm traps and unlock chests
Both the Intelligence and Wisdom attributes were merged into a single Intellect attribute. Too little separated these two attributes in terms of game mechanics so it made sense to merge them to make intellect an overall more interesting attribute. Intellect is the measurement how clever, wise and perceptive your character is and affects the following:
  • Damage with all spells (both Arcane and Divine)
  • Hit chance for spells
  • Experience gain
  • Chance to find traps and hidden treasure
Mana Regeneration:
How fast your mana regenerates per second. Was formerly called Mana Return.

Life Regeneration:
A completely new attribute that determines how fast your life regenerates per second. Only special effects and magic usually gives life regeneration.

Spell Power:
Formerly known as Mana Flow, your Spell Power determines which spells you can cast and how powerful they are. For example: a Wizard with 3 Spell Power can summon 3 Magic Missiles while an Adventurer with 1 Spell Power can only summon one Magic Missile.


Character development is integral in any rogue-like RPG and Egoboo is no exception to that. We felt that the old level up system did not really feel satisfying so we have expanded this using the new GUI system mentioned above. Each time your character gains an experience level, you clearly see which of your attributes is improved and by how much. Furthermore you get to select a Perk to learn. A Perk is a unique bonus that your character gains permanently. Some of them unlock new abilities or improve your existing ones. Each class has a different set of Perks to select from and some Perks are unique to each class. So far we have added almost 100 unique Perks!
Here are some examples of the Perks an Adventurer can learn:

Athletics: +25% Jump Power and +50% movement in water
Rally: Nearby allies gain +10% movement speed and attack damage
Dodge: +1% chance per Agility to avoid damage.

Which one to pick?

Bugfixes and Changes

  • Fix collision boxes so that attacks actually hurt their targets and cause knockback
  • Faster texture loading by only loading textures into memory when they are actually needed
  • Fix Gonne particles spawning in the ground
  • Changed how damage resistance works so that it allows for more granularity and prevent resistance to block damage completely. (unless complete immunity was intended)
  • Fix so that particles spawned by Weapons are owned by the holder of the Weapon
  • Fix particles not properly de-spawning (e.g Soldier Starter)
  • Replaced or removed some IDSZ flags in Objects that weren’t doing what was intended
  • Fix some Particles not being properly rendered
  • Healer and Paladin Healing cloud can now properly hit multiple enemies or friends
  • Fix knockback logic
  • Swipe weapons like Claw or Sword can properly hit multiple enemies
  • Make aiming with ranged weapons easier
  • Improve renderer logic
  • Improved memory management to reduce chance of memory leaks
  • Screenshots are not saved in PNG format
  • Prevent some in-game messages from being spammed
  • Game performance improvements
  • Improved cross-platform interoperability
  • Crash fixes
  • Many, many other minor bugs resolved

We need you!

We always welcome help! Pop into the developer chat if you wish to help us. We need anything from coders, graphic artist, web designer to game testers. We would like to have someone draw a new interface for the main menu among other things. This website sorely needs to be remade and kept up to date with 2015.

We have now fully migrated to Visual Studio 2015 and dropped support for 2013 so that we can fully utilize the new features of C++11. We have also an up-to-date build system for both MinGW and Linux using GCC. OS X has also a working build system.

Egoboo Development Diary Part 2 - 03.06.2015

Hello and welcome to the second part of the Egoboo Development Diary series! We are happy to announce that the game is already in a much better and stable state since our previous diary post. There still remains work to be done before the game is playable enough for end-users (some options features missing, still some game blocking bugs). We still need playtesters though and to facilitate this we are working towards introducing daily-builds to give playtesters access to the bleeding-edge version of Egoboo!

Upgrade to SDL 2.0

One of the major milestones of the roadmap has been completed, the conversion to SDL 2.0. For the user this means many minor improvements such as better platform compatibility, improved fullscreen support, improved keyboard support and many minor annoyances are gone. SDL 2.0 also has support for iOS and Android platforms, but development for those are not in focus yet - let's get this game working properly on PC first!


While some bugs still remain, many fixes have been implemented already. Here is a short excerpt of some of the bugs we have fixed since January:
  • Weather effects work again (rain, snow, etc.)
  • Fix item grabbing not working properly
  • Fix particle animations not looping properly
  • Lava now actually hurts you
  • Save games properly work again
  • Coins bounce again and make coiny noises
  • Blud hits the ground again and de-spawns
  • Water is properly rendered again
  • Lighting effects work properly again
  • Weapons have proper hitboxes again
  • Money can be picked up again!
  • Fixed many graphical issues or glitches like transparency, reflections or shine
  • Whips now uncoil when used
  • Memory leaks fixed
  • Various crash fixes
  • Many other minor bugs

Game Updates

We also took the liberty of improving some various game mechanics:
  • Looting a chest now drops its contents in front of the chest instead of all around it (leading to items stuck behind or inside the chest object)
  • Changes the story and some content of the Wizard Starter
  • Game logic now supports more than 4 armour types (no class has more than 4 yet)
  • Adventurer Starter now starts with a Knife
  • Improved module loading screen
  • Module difficulty is now represented by skulls
  • Game now runs at 60 FPS (was normally capped to 30 before)

Conversion to C++

We have already reaped the benefits of converting the codebase to C++. Major performance improvements and many bugfixes. There is still a lot of code to port from C to C++ and if you are interested in helping, don't be shy to contact us on gitter.

Automated Testing

  • Initial AppVeyor CI integration
  • Cross platform unit testing

Future Plans

  • Windows unit testing and provision of windows builds using AppVeyor
  • More bugfixing

Egoboo Development Diary Part 1 - 29.03.2015

Egoboo is actively maintained again

The dungeon crawler Egoboo is now actively developed again: A team of developers is reviving the cross-platform dungeon crawler Egoboo on GitHub. This is the first post of the "Egoboo Dev Notes" series in which the developers keep you informed on the course and progress of the development of Egoboo.

It was pleasant surprise for the developers that resuming the development of Egoboo found some resonance. There still seem to be quite a few people out there who care for this odd piece of gaming history called Egoboo. For the ones who have never heard of Egoboo: it is a dungeon crawler and quite an entertaining game; however, its development stalled for a long time, bugs and glitches were not fixed and the game did not evolve. However, it is actively maintained now again. This is more or less normal progress for open source software such as Egoboo, but there are perfectly normal questions any open source project should answer - for one thing: indeed Egoboo is and will stay open-source and subjected to the GPLv3 license and you can download the game and its source code for free as before. This is the first question any open source project should answer. However, there are many more and those can not be answered that easily: as a consequence, the team decided to start this monthly series of posts - primarily targeting prospect developers and content creators - that will keep you informed on the course and progress of development on Egoboo.

In this first post of this series, we will describe a few changes that are made or being planned to Egoboo's technological basis and we talk about graphics and sound, controls and user interface. More importantly, we try to communicate our relation to to various aspects of Egoboo, in particular what we intend to change and what we intend to keep - eventually, this is important to some people out there as gamers really hate when something changes for the worse. Last but not least, we provide you with a target date for a first binary release.

Who we are is less important, what we do is maintain Egoboo, an old, weathered piece of code and data that had a bad start and allegedly suffered a lot. However, somehow it managed to stay a unique, entertaining game. Maybe this is the reason, why people still care for Egoboo. In any case, we care. This is why we want to ensure that Egoboo withstands the test of time as it did before for years to come. We want to improve and maintain the technology as well as the assets, to ensure that Egoboo lives long and prospers - and eventually we will make some old scars vanish.

Things to Change: Technology

The Egoboo developers wish to begin the time-consuming task of bringing Egoboo's code and data up to date, so that it fulfills the quality requirements that ensure proper maintainability and documentation. We want to ensure that Egoboo withstands the test of time.

Drastic changes on the underlying technology are made such as the final transition from C to C++ shows: Egoboo compiles now with recent C++ compilers under Linux, Windows and Mac, the amount of C code/C-ish code is decreasing steadily (ultimately, Egoboo should take advantage of what C++ 11 and beyond offers to us). An improved build system and updating external dependencies (for instance, the transition from SDL 1 to SDL 2 is being prepared) are part of the roadmap plan. Egoboo accumulated quite a few bugs that over the years in which Egoboo was subject to irregular maintenance and wild expansion: bug-fixing is imperative. As a matter of fact, most of those bugs could have been avoided and in fact will simply vanish. Principles, methods and techniques that are widely known are employed - well-known algorithms, reasonable documentation and automated testing are prevalent examples. Indeed, Egoboo will receive a unit testing framework and a reasonable in-source and out-of-source documentation. We do not refrain from subjecting parts of Egoboo to more exhaustive methods, though. The goal here is simple: Egoboo - like any game - needs to be maintainable and expandable - to achieve that, it needs a good basis, a stable core with calm maintenance, reliable functionality such that the "hotter" parts can rely and build upon it.

Things to Change: Assets

The team also feels that improvements to graphics, sound, controls, user interface and game mechanics are long overdue. Partially, coders can do that, however - or as many Open Source projects slowly learn - graphics and sound are not part of the graphics or audio API used. The assets (e.g. graphics/sounds) need to be created and used in content (e.g. levels). Egoboo contains a decent amount of assets and content, however, creating/improving this requires more than coders: In the Open Source sector, the species capable of creating assets and content - namely graphic artists, audio artists and level designers - are rare: the team will improve the tool set that Egoboo offers to those, hopefully attracting those precious specimen.

Things to Keep: Egoboo

A perfectly normal question is (in case you have looked at the source code of Egoboo): "Why don't you rewrite the whole thing?" The team decided against a rewrite of Egoboo in a sense of "starting from scratch" for technical and non-technical reasons. On the technical side, content exists for Egoboo already and this content can not be trivially accessed without the underlying game engine. But this would only be half the truth. An important non-technical reason is the feeling, that the unique spirit of Egoboo would be lost during the course of a full rewrite. Drastic changes to underlying technology do not necessarily imply that the feeling of a game is destroyed. They do, however, bear the danger. We are in fortunate situation to have one of the original designers of many of the modules among its members. Together with refactoring instead of rewriting, the risk of losing something without realizing it and effectively destroying the game, is reduced.

An important aspect of Egoboo is that it enabled users and developers to create their own adventures (called "Modules" in Egoboo). The existing content of Egoboo demonstrates the power of Egoboo's provided tools. However, the tools are also dated and difficult to use so the content eventually demonstrates the capacity for suffering of the content creators. We think this is not necessary; there are great examples of tools that make content creation simple and fun (Neverwinter Nights 2 is such an example). To attract asset and content creators and for that we think that the ability to create your own content is an essential element of what Egoboo constitutes, tools receive a lot of attention from us. As before, the tools to be created should satisfy players and developers alike. That way, we hope to retain the feeling of Egoboo when evolving Egoboo to something that will last another few years: We want to keep the spirit of Egoboo alive.

Things to Come: Binary Release

In this post, we want to answer one of the more pressing questions of many people: A stable binary release is scheduled for around Christmas 2015/2016.

See you next month.

GitHub! - 05.01.2015

We have moved our code to GitHub!

STILL ALIVE! - 09.05.2011

We are still alive, this time with many screenshots! It has been a while since last update, but life has been busy for all the developers! There has been some progress however. First we can proudly release a proper Macintosh release again thanks to Jonathan Fischer our "Mac guy". Macintosh users can download the game from here. In other news we can show you some nice screenshots of the new split screen system Birdsey has been working on:
[image missing]

This is still a work in progress and the final version will not look like that! There are a few key issues that need to be fixed before we can release Egoboo 2.8.2 as Stable.

But wait, there is more! AI is now improved by the so called A* pathfinding algorithm. This means that monsters and helpers alike are much smarter in picking their paths toward where they want to walk. No more monsters getting stuck in corners! Here is a small screenshot of A* in action:
[image missing]

Oh yes, we also have a nifty new inventory system :D. This should make handling inventories a lot easier than before.  Here is the final screenshot from this update:
[image missing]


A small news update on current Egoboo development. We are working on the next version of Egoboo named 2.8.2. This release will fix even more issues found in the 2.8.1 release, most importantly a crash bug in certain animations. Furthermore we have optimized and fixed more stability for the game. Here is the current changelog:

- Update: The Valkyrie can now enter Divine Order of Aaron shops.
- Update: Some minor GUI improvements.
- Bugfix: Fixed a problem with dynamic slot loading where data got loaded more than one time.
- Bugfix: Fixed Forgotten Fortress missing half of its objects and monsters.
- Bugfix: Antialiasing wasn't working properly for some solid objects.
- Bugfix: Fixed duplicate item exploit with the thunder spear.
- Bugfix: Removed various glitches in character animations.
- Bugfix: Fixed listen skill not always working.
- Bugfix: Confusion rays of the brain scrambler monsters work again.
- Bugfix: Portal to the next level now correctly spawns in Imprisoned One level 1.
- Bugfix: Any new unlocked modules are now properly scanned for when a module was just beaten.
- Bugfix: Armor suits did not spawn properly due to a script typo.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Imprisoned One and Archmage Trials questlines not properly progressing.
- Bugfix: Removed a crash bug that was caused by specific animations.
- Bugfix: Fixed some typos.

We are not sure when Egoboo 2.8.2 will be ready for release, but until then you can still grab the latest nightly build through the SVN repository and get the windows binaries in the bar to the right here.

EGOBOO 2.8.1 RELEASED - Merry christmas! - 24.12.2010

Visit santa clause in Zippy Town to get your presents and candy! Egoboo 2.8.1 fixes over a hundred bugs including issues that corrupted save games and various crashes. A number of new nifty features have been added such as armor that can be put into inventories, random treasures and camera blur effects. This is a must have update!

Click here to see a full changelog of version 2.8.1. Remember to uninstall older versions of Egoboo before installing the new one. Credits to all the debuggers, especially Penguinflyer5234, Seth, Khaos89 and Octagon for extensive play testing that allowed us to track down and make 2.8.1 stable.

Merry christmas and a happy new year from the Egoboo Development Team!

SMALL NEWS UPDATE - 01.10.2010

The development is still going along. Currently we are trying to fix numerous issues in 2.8.0 that was revealed after the previous release. We have come a long way and fixed over 80 bugs and added a few new features. The physics system has been redone again and numerous crash bugs and all the save game bugs have been fixed among other things. If the current version in the SVN proves to have no game breaking issues, then we will try to release Egoboo 2.8.1 as soon as possible!

EGOBOO 2.8.0 is now Stable! - 06.08.2010

The 2.8.0 version has now been flagged as stable. Most reported bugs were fixed since the development version. A total of 44 additional bugs were fixed. These are not listed in the changelog but can be found here for those who are interested in the details. Other than that the Stable version contains some minor reworking of some game mechanics for movement and attack speed.

Next version will contain further polishing, bugfixing and maybe another module. There is some background art that needs improvement. bitnapper from the Egoboo community has taken upon himself the task of coding a new proper map editor for Egoboo! This map editor will hopefully reach a more finished state than the current EgoMap and maybe even let it work on Linux or Mac.

EGOBOO 2.8.0 (unstable) Released! - 14.07.2010

Finally it is ready! After a year of hard work we can finally release a playable version of Egoboo. This release is not yet marked stable and is under development. This is the biggest release Egoboo has ever had so far and the changelist is waaay to big to list here. Click here for a full list and here is a small summary of the most important changes:

- Various new modules, quests, classes, items, monsters, spells, etc.
- Improved UI to make things more usefriendly (module filters, xp bar, popup text, etc.)
- Major optimizations on the game engine.
- Improved AI features and many AI script bugfixes.
- Both major and minor bugfixes that should ease gameplay.

Remember, this release is marked unstable and might still contain major bugs, but all in all I would strongly recommend to play 2.8.0 instead of 2.7.4.

Windows Download Egoboo 2.8.0 (Unstable) - Windows

LinuxDownload Egoboo 2.8.0 (Unstable) - Linux and Macintosh

introducing SVN Builds - 5.07.2010

We now offer pre-compiled binaries from the repository 
for all the windows users out there. The SVN build is located to the right of the screen.

What is the SVN build? 
The current SVN build is the very latest version of Egoboo that is available for download from the Web Page. It includes the latest new features, but might also include the latest bugs. The SVN build is for those who want to use the latest updates from the SVN, but who do not want to compile the code themselves. 

Why should I download this? 
Latest SVN build will contain the latest bugfixes and also the latest bugs that were introduced. These bugs can be game breaking and make the game very unstable. For all the latest game content in the SVN to work properly, you will need the latest SVN build. 

You will need a program like TortoiseSVN to access the SVN repository. Simply run the extractor to your Egoboo SVN folder and run the new binary. (egoboo-svn-r1090.exe for revision 1090 for example)

Link to the SVN:

Development update - 24.06.2010

We are finally closing in on the 2.8.0 release! There is still a lot to be done, especially bugfixing. With all the new improvements, massive rewrites and new features, many old things that used to work will probably work different or even not work at all. We need to locate these bugs and you can help us to do so!

bgbirdsey is working on a performance issue that prevents the game from being played on older computers, but he claims he will be ready in a few days (give it a week!). By then we will try to release a 2.8.0 Development (i.e unstable) version. Everyone can report a bug or issue through either the forums (under Bug Report) or through Trac (our very own Feature/Bug tracker).

I just finished another module for the Imprisoned One series and only 1 module is missing before the quest line is complete. This module is kinda interesting. You have to protect the portal from waves of monsters to win this module (as shown below):

Notice the new yellow XP progress bars below the character icon. bgbirdsey has worked on some more "advanced" physics effects for particles as well. This includes particle interaction with wind and under water. And we added a few more new weapons and scenery for you to discover in the game!

    Cheers, Egoboo Development Team.

Latest Stable Version: 2.8.1
WindowsDownload for Windows

LinuxDownload for Linux

MacintoshDownload for Macintosh

(Beta Version for Windows)
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