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GitHub! - 01.05.2015

We have moved our code to GitHub!

STILL ALIVE! - 09.05.2011

We are still alive, this time with many screenshots! It has been a while since last update, but life has been busy for all the developers! There has been some progress however. First we can proudly release a proper Macintosh release again thanks to Jonathan Fischer our "Mac guy". Macintosh users can download the game from here. In other news we can show you some nice screenshots of the new split screen system Birdsey has been working on:
[image missing]

This is still a work in progress and the final version will not look like that! There are a few key issues that need to be fixed before we can release Egoboo 2.8.2 as Stable.

But wait, there is more! AI is now improved by the so called A* pathfinding algorithm. This means that monsters and helpers alike are much smarter in picking their paths toward where they want to walk. No more monsters getting stuck in corners! Here is a small screenshot of A* in action:
[image missing]

Oh yes, we also have a nifty new inventory system :D. This should make handling inventories a lot easier than before.  Here is the final screenshot from this update:
[image missing]


A small news update on current Egoboo development. We are working on the next version of Egoboo named 2.8.2. This release will fix even more issues found in the 2.8.1 release, most importantly a crash bug in certain animations. Furthermore we have optimized and fixed more stability for the game. Here is the current changelog:

- Update: The Valkyrie can now enter Divine Order of Aaron shops.
- Update: Some minor GUI improvements.
- Bugfix: Fixed a problem with dynamic slot loading where data got loaded more than one time.
- Bugfix: Fixed Forgotten Fortress missing half of its objects and monsters.
- Bugfix: Antialiasing wasn't working properly for some solid objects.
- Bugfix: Fixed duplicate item exploit with the thunder spear.
- Bugfix: Removed various glitches in character animations.
- Bugfix: Fixed listen skill not always working.
- Bugfix: Confusion rays of the brain scrambler monsters work again.
- Bugfix: Portal to the next level now correctly spawns in Imprisoned One level 1.
- Bugfix: Any new unlocked modules are now properly scanned for when a module was just beaten.
- Bugfix: Armor suits did not spawn properly due to a script typo.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Imprisoned One and Archmage Trials questlines not properly progressing.
- Bugfix: Removed a crash bug that was caused by specific animations.
- Bugfix: Fixed some typos.

We are not sure when Egoboo 2.8.2 will be ready for release, but until then you can still grab the latest nightly build through the SVN repository and get the windows binaries in the bar to the right here.

EGOBOO 2.8.1 RELEASED - Merry christmas! - 24.12.2010

Visit santa clause in Zippy Town to get your presents and candy! Egoboo 2.8.1 fixes over a hundred bugs including issues that corrupted save games and various crashes. A number of new nifty features have been added such as armor that can be put into inventories, random treasures and camera blur effects. This is a must have update!

Click here to see a full changelog of version 2.8.1. Remember to uninstall older versions of Egoboo before installing the new one. Credits to all the debuggers, especially Penguinflyer5234, Seth, Khaos89 and Octagon for extensive play testing that allowed us to track down and make 2.8.1 stable.

Merry christmas and a happy new year from the Egoboo Development Team!

SMALL NEWS UPDATE - 01.10.2010

The development is still going along. Currently we are trying to fix numerous issues in 2.8.0 that was revealed after the previous release. We have come a long way and fixed over 80 bugs and added a few new features. The physics system has been redone again and numerous crash bugs and all the save game bugs have been fixed among other things. If the current version in the SVN proves to have no game breaking issues, then we will try to release Egoboo 2.8.1 as soon as possible!

EGOBOO 2.8.0 is now Stable! - 06.08.2010

The 2.8.0 version has now been flagged as stable. Most reported bugs were fixed since the development version. A total of 44 additional bugs were fixed. These are not listed in the changelog but can be found here for those who are interested in the details. Other than that the Stable version contains some minor reworking of some game mechanics for movement and attack speed.

Next version will contain further polishing, bugfixing and maybe another module. There is some background art that needs improvement. bitnapper from the Egoboo community has taken upon himself the task of coding a new proper map editor for Egoboo! This map editor will hopefully reach a more finished state than the current EgoMap and maybe even let it work on Linux or Mac.

EGOBOO 2.8.0 (unstable) Released! - 14.07.2010

Finally it is ready! After a year of hard work we can finally release a playable version of Egoboo. This release is not yet marked stable and is under development. This is the biggest release Egoboo has ever had so far and the changelist is waaay to big to list here. Click here for a full list and here is a small summary of the most important changes:

- Various new modules, quests, classes, items, monsters, spells, etc.
- Improved UI to make things more usefriendly (module filters, xp bar, popup text, etc.)
- Major optimizations on the game engine.
- Improved AI features and many AI script bugfixes.
- Both major and minor bugfixes that should ease gameplay.

Remember, this release is marked unstable and might still contain major bugs, but all in all I would strongly recommend to play 2.8.0 instead of 2.7.4.

Windows Download Egoboo 2.8.0 (Unstable) - Windows

LinuxDownload Egoboo 2.8.0 (Unstable) - Linux and Macintosh

introducing SVN Builds - 5.07.2010

We now offer pre-compiled binaries from the repository 
for all the windows users out there. The SVN build is located to the right of the screen.

What is the SVN build? 
The current SVN build is the very latest version of Egoboo that is available for download from the Web Page. It includes the latest new features, but might also include the latest bugs. The SVN build is for those who want to use the latest updates from the SVN, but who do not want to compile the code themselves. 

Why should I download this? 
Latest SVN build will contain the latest bugfixes and also the latest bugs that were introduced. These bugs can be game breaking and make the game very unstable. For all the latest game content in the SVN to work properly, you will need the latest SVN build. 

You will need a program like TortoiseSVN to access the SVN repository. Simply run the extractor to your Egoboo SVN folder and run the new binary. (egoboo-svn-r1090.exe for revision 1090 for example)

Link to the SVN:

Development update - 24.06.2010

We are finally closing in on the 2.8.0 release! There is still a lot to be done, especially bugfixing. With all the new improvements, massive rewrites and new features, many old things that used to work will probably work different or even not work at all. We need to locate these bugs and you can help us to do so!

bgbirdsey is working on a performance issue that prevents the game from being played on older computers, but he claims he will be ready in a few days (give it a week!). By then we will try to release a 2.8.0 Development (i.e unstable) version. Everyone can report a bug or issue through either the forums (under Bug Report) or through Trac (our very own Feature/Bug tracker).

I just finished another module for the Imprisoned One series and only 1 module is missing before the quest line is complete. This module is kinda interesting. You have to protect the portal from waves of monsters to win this module (as shown below):

Notice the new yellow XP progress bars below the character icon. bgbirdsey has worked on some more "advanced" physics effects for particles as well. This includes particle interaction with wind and under water. And we added a few more new weapons and scenery for you to discover in the game!

    Cheers, Egoboo Development Team.

Latest Stable Version: 2.8.1
WindowsDownload for Windows

LinuxDownload for Linux

MacintoshDownload for Macintosh

Revision 1476 - 06.01.2011
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