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Welcome to the Egowiki, where your world ends and our world begins.

There is no war in the land of Lorule... yet. The Good Lord Bishop has been kidnapped and the brave, clever, and powerful from all corners of the globe are in a race to return him to the throne of Bishopia before it is too late. But who has taken him? Is it the peaceful Elves, the precocious G'nomes, or some villainous race of monster?

The wiki is divided into three parts. The main part concerns the the lore and history of the land of Lorule and the Kingdom of Bishopia. Here, you will find all kinds of interesting information about the quirky world of Egoboo. The second part contains information compiled by fans of the game, where you can find spoilers, walkthroughs, fan stories, and the like. The final part is dedicated to the develoment of the game. Here you can learn about the sourcecode, developing new assets for the game, and troubleshooting in-game problems.

To create new pages you need to register an account on sourceforge, but anyone can edit and add to an existing page.

Feel free to visit the official webpage at

The Land of Lorule

Enter The Land of Lorule to discover the quirky history and mystery of the land of egoboo.

The Fan Domain

Explore the fan domain to discover hints, tips, tricks, and all the spoilers you can shake a stick at.

The Tech Zone

The Tech Zone is the developer's corner of Egoboo. Learn how to create new content, update or modify an Egoboo module, or create something completely new.

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