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PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2000 12:01 am 
Squirrel Knight (Administrator)
Squirrel Knight (Administrator)
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Grab the latest released version of Egoboo here! Check the Development Diaries for information about fixes, new features and other changes. Nightly Builds are currently only supported for Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

ImageEgoboo Nightly (BETA)
download link (Windows binary):



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PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2008 3:47 pm 
Squirrel Knight (Administrator)
Squirrel Knight (Administrator)
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Joined: Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:27 am
Posts: 3818
Location: Norway

Version 2.8.2 BETA (04.03.2011)
- New Feature: New sidequest called 'Lair of the Spider Queen'! Unlock the quest in Zippy Town.
- Update: Improved the Darkshine Knight AI.
- Update: Various improvements to the EgoScript AI compiler.
- Update: Removed the limit for the number of messages each object can have.
- Update: Increased the amount the camera can zoom out for a better view.
- Update: Major improvements to Hotseat play. You can now assign players to any input device instead
of player each player being hard-coded to a specific device.
- Update: You can now set the new sneak button in the input controller menu.
- Update: Damage resistance now reduces the duration of enchantments. So a high EVIL resistance
reduces the duration of poision for example.
- Update: Damage resistance can now be expressed in percentage instead of damage shifts.
- Update: Improved the Warlock AI.
- Update: The boss fight in the Shadow Palace is now tougher.
- Update: Rebalance tweaks to the attack speed system.
- Update: The Valkyrie can now enter Divine Order of Aaron shops.
- Update: Some minor GUI improvements.
- Bugfix: Fixed secret in Shadow Palace not working properly.
- Bugfix: Particles no longer get stuck in walls.
- Bugfix: Fixed objects dissappearing into the ground.
- Bugfix: Fixed mouse controller not working properly.
- Bugfix: Fixed problems with shooting crossbows or longbows.
- Bugfix: Kills made by held items or mounts are now properly awarded to the holder or rider.
- Bugfix: Scorpion boss in Sand Palace will no longer hurt itself when using claw attacks.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue where Ghouls would spawn and die instantly.
- Bugfix: Hot Dog mounts no longer damage their riders while using fire breath.
- Bugfix: Fixed arrow trap no longer working.
- Bugfix: Issues with the Frost Orbs in the Ice Palace has been resolved.
- Bugfix: Player no longer gets lava damage while standing on the platforms in the Wizard Starter.
- Bugfix: Fixed a spawn problem when shooting the Gonne weapon.
- Bugfix: Fixed a problem with dynamic slot loading where data got loaded more than one time.
- Bugfix: Fixed Forgotten Fortress missing half of its objects and monsters.
- Bugfix: Antialiasing wasn't working properly for some solid objects.
- Bugfix: Fixed duplicate item exploit with the thunder spear.
- Bugfix: Removed various glitches in character animations.
- Bugfix: Fixed listen skill not always working.
- Bugfix: Confusion rays of the brain scrambler monsters work again.
- Bugfix: Portal to the next level now correctly spawns in Imprisoned One level 1.
- Bugfix: Any new unlocked modules are now properly scanned for when a module was just beaten.
- Bugfix: Armor suits did not spawn properly due to a script typo.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Imprisoned One and Archmage Trials questlines not properly progressing.
- Bugfix: Removed a crash bug that was caused by specific animations.
- Bugfix: Fixed some typos.
- Bugfix: The usual list of minor bugfixing.

Version 2.8.1 (23.12.2010)
- New Feature: Armor suits are now actual items that you can equip or carry around.
- New Feature: Turn your enemies into gold with the new 'Hand of Midas' artifact!
- New Feature: A completely new music track for the Abyss modules (Credits to Sakari).
- New Feature: Most of the treasure found in Egoboo is now completely randomized each time you play!
- New Feature: Added special camera effects whenever a player gets dazed or grogged.
- Update: Added some easter eggs :)
- Update: Various improvements to model animations.
- Update: Improved the Floating Eye AI.
- Update: The Light spell now costs 1 mana to activate and more mana to sustain.
- Update: Implemented various code optimizations to improve game performance.
- Update: Added larger denomination "money" in the form of gems.
- Update: Increased the effect of darkvision.
- Update: Complete rewrite of the Quest System. The quest system is much more stable and efficient now.
- Update: Rust Eaters now get sick if they eat Kursed items.
- Update: Homing particles will now try to target riders instead of their mounts.
- Update: There is now an option in the Audio Menu to disable the sound of all footsteps.
- Update: Halved the mana cost for Book of Enchant and Book of Size.
- Update: ZAP now deals double damage to character who are swimming in water.
- Update: Reworked and optimized how the Ice Ray spell worked.
- Update: Added new game font that was GPL compitable.
- Update: Various modules are now slightly darker than before.
- Update: Money is easier to pick up now.
- Update: Kite Shields now have a small chance to be Kursed.
- Bugfix: Fixed some strange messages.
- Bugfix: Removed various minor graphic glitches.
- Bugfix: The hitboxes for various objects and attacks are now more correct.
- Bugfix: Fixed various GUI bugs on higher resolutions.
- Bugfix: Fixed exploit where you could keep doors open by placing specific items between the door.
- Bugfix: Fixed many particle bugs.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug where Grogging and Dazing was inverted.
- Bugfix: A number of grammar and spelling fixes.
- Bugfix: The Rune of Resist Elements can now properly be deactivated.
- Bugfix: Fixed the local Setup file not being read properly.
- Bugfix: Fixed quest progression not being saved properly.
- Bugfix: Spellbooks can no longer be burned in shops! This fixes multiple exploits.
- Bugfix: Fixed a graphical glitch caused by players being invisible.
- Bugfix: Numerous treasure objects were not correctly spawned in the Shadow Palace.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Cockatrice monster from paralysing killed enemies.
- Bugfix: Fixed crossbow being spawned instead of a Prophet NPC in Zippy Town.
- Bugfix: Poisoned Katanas and Stilettos were sometimes flagged as worthless by shopkeepers.
- Bugfix: When reaching the exit in the rogue starter the character kept getting infinite experience points.
- Bugfix: Fixed certain tiles in the camera view not being rendered.
- Bugfix: You can no longer interact with stuff that are inside other characters inventories.
- Bugfix: Fixed Zombi monster not attacking correctly.
- Bugfix: Added missing Mouse Mount to the Zombi Starter.
- Bugfix: Fixed control and setup settings being saved incorrectly on Linux.
- Bugfix: Fixed a graphical glitch with candles.
- Bugfix: The Iceball Wand now functions properly again.
- Bugfix: Fixed Linux issue where the game would crash on startup due invalid settings.
- Bugfix: The potion trader in Zippy can now properly use his weapon.
- Bugfix: Removed duplicate message when trying to put away kursed items.
- Bugfix: No more strange physics bugs when you drop a lit torch while moving.
- Bugfix: K'nife now properly stands on the button and no longer follows the player resulting
in the guards getting alarmed.
- Bugfix: Fixed a random crash bug in detecting collisions.
- Bugfix: Fixed various AI targeting function bugs.
- Bugfix: See Invisible now properly reveals invisible objects.
- Bugfix: Some challenges in the Archmage Trials were broken.
- Bugfix: Fixed enchants never dispelling when they should.
- Bugfix: Fixed Memory Challenge in the Archmage Trials not working.
- Bugfix: Fixed a looped sound leak in the Archmage Trials.
- Bugfix: After killing the Sand Troll the doors now open properly.
- Bugfix: Fixed Scroll of Enchant weapon becoming worthless when identified.
- Bugfix: Fixed possible bug in cities and towns that prevented exporting.
- Bugfix: Darkshine Knights can now properly see in darkness!
- Bugfix: Fixed impassable area in K'nife's Heist
- Bugfix: Fixed several modules not being marked as Beaten when won.
- Bugfix: Corrected wrong weapon names for various weapons.
- Bugfix: Fixed Deadfall traps not always triggering.
- Bugfix: Fixed numerous animation speeds being incorrect for various monsters.
- Bugfix: The AI no longer try to use the Shock spell as a ranged weapon.
- Bugfix: Fixed the scroll of Rebirth targeting dead enemies.
- Bugfix: Fixed shield blocks being incorrectly displayed.
- Bugfix: Tweaked the dismount timer so that there is less object clipping.
- Bugfix: Incorrect icon being displayed when being morphed and mounted.
- Bugfix: Fixed exporting issue when Egoboo wasn't correctly installed.
- Bugfix: The Iron Ball attached to your leg can no longer get stuck in Bear Traps.
- Bugfix: The Greenleaf plant in the Wizard Starter is now grabbable again.
- Bugfix: Potion Trader in Zippy Town correctly spawns potions again.
- Bugfix: Fixed morphed Lumpkin spell having incorrect move animation speed.
- Bugfix: Removed duplicate spellbook in Adventurer Starter
- Bugfix: The Grub Spit in Adventurer Starter should properly spawn now.
- Bugfix: Fixed splash and ripple particles being incorrectly loaded.
- Bugfix: Fixed Lava not damaging.
- Bugfix: Ghouls in the Paladin Starter should spawn properly again.
- Bugfix: Fixed the game crashing whenever you saved the Sound Settings.
- Bugfix: Setup settings are properly saved now.
- Bugfix: Fixed input settings not being properly saved on Linux.
- Bugfix: A list of minor bugs and issues.

Version 2.8.0 (06.08.2010)
- New Feature: New Caltrop weapon... Watch your feet! Also added new Grog drink for G'nomes.
- New Feature: Impemented a new Darkvision skill that allows creatures or players to see in darkness
without a normal lightsource. Current classes that have this skill are Elf, G'nome and Zombor.
- New Feature: New side quest called "The Imprisoned One". A great ancient evil is breaking free from
it's imprisoment and you have to delve down into his tower of prison and seal him for good! This epic
quest line features five new modules!
- New Feature: New spells, magical items, monsters and other fun stuff!
- New Feature: Another new Starter Module based on a classic nethack character - The Valkyrie class!
- New Feature: A new XP bar is shown below your character portrait to display level up progress.
- New Feature: Major improvements to how Egoboo handles objects and the GOR.
- New Feature: Improved AI by adding Line of Sight detection for targeting.
- New Feature: Improved UI by implementing in-game pop up text.
- New Feature: Implemented a new file system based on PhysFS to improve file handling.
- Update: Added a new Sneak mode while holding the Shift button (work in progress).
- Update: Reworked how movement speed affects animations.
- Update: Reworked how shield blocking worked. Strength now increases chance of blocking attacks.
- Update: Reworked how weapon attack speed worked. It is now more dependant on character dexterity.
- Update: Improved some skins and models for various objects.
- Update: Completely reworked the Vampire monster.
- Update: Major improvements on the AI for Brom and Mim.
- Update: Intelligence now increases the effectivity of homing spells.
- Update: Added some new extra scenery objects (eye candy) to spice up some areas of the game.
- Update: Particle physics can now be affected by air and water.
- Update: A LOT of code restructuring.
- Update: Various balance tweaks around the game to smooth gameplay.
- Update: Paladins are more powerful than before.
- Update: Implemented support for limitless particle types. Added about 15 new particle effects at the
same time.
- Update: Reduced the difficulty for the Tourist Starter module.
- Update: Bats can now fly up and down depending on where their enemies are.
- Update: Improved the way models are loaded into memory and drawn.
- Update: Further tweaks to improve the physics engine.
- Update: Halved the permanent mana and life loss from using potions.
- Update: Various AI script optimizations to increase game performance.
- Update: Added support for up to 32 joystick buttons.
- Update: Backstabs now deal double damage and that damage is also increased by dexterity.
- Update: Various GUI improvements to make it easier to navigate and use.
- Update: Improved the texture detail for all the title images and replaced some with better ones.
- Update: Vampires and Shuffling Heaps are significantly weaker than before.
- Update: Further improvements on the Lightning engine to boost game performance.
- Update: Made some improvements to the Protector monster.
- Update: Improved the way hitboxes works. Bumping into square things such as tables and bookcases
is handled much better now.
- Update: Edward Blakely aka eddyster made some finishing touches on the Sandweg theme song.
- Update: Improved the way the homing particle effect was handled.
- Update: Various improvements to particle effects.
- Update: Various new class skills and updates to existing ones. See Classes.txt for a detailed list.
- Update: Fixed various formatting issues so that text, icons and bars now display better.
- Update: Made some AI and sound effect improvements to the Squirrel pet.
- Update: Reimplemented the Visual C++ redistributable package for windows users
(Should fix a startup error complaining about configuration settings being incorrect).
- Update: The Angel Elayne in the lower Abyss now attacks undead players on sight.
- Update: Most wands have now increased charge limit making them much more useful.
- Update: The Book of Enchant can now be used to recharge wands (for a price).
- Update: The Morph spell now allows you to use [TECH] skill but disables spell casting.
(Don't lose your spellbook after being morphed or you have no way to morph back!)
- Update: There is now always a minimum 5% chance stealing from shops will be detected.
- Update: Improved some details for the floor tiles in the Paladin Starter.
- Update: Deamon Lords have now halved life regeneration making them much easier to defeat.
- Update: The Haste spell costs less mana to sustain now.
- Update: Ghosts can now move through walls and impassable tiles.
- Update: Support for multiple new resolution formats including wide-screen.
- Update: Improved various menu UI handling and made it look nice in all resolutions.
- Update: Improved the gameplay when using the mouse as input controller.
- Update: Increased the amount of treasure loot found in the Ice Palace.
- Update: Improved the Frost Lizard AI.
- Bugfix: Soldier Starter now properly shows an end text.
- Bugfix: The Paladin Starter should now be beatable.
- Bugfix: Guards in Zippy should not attack each other when the player goes criminal.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug where certain magic items were always identified.
- Bugfix: Enchants should now properly resize their target.
- Bugfix: Removed annoying click sound in mosquito buzz loop.
- Bugfix: Fixed exploit where one could use enchants to heal life.
- Bugfix: Boss door in Catacombs 2 not opening.
- Bugfix: Fixed Divine Shield spell regenerating mana instead of draining over time.
- Bugfix: Fixed exploit where player could use Longbow with a Kursed weapon in the other hand.
- Bugfix: Black sheep AI fix.
- Bugfix: Wizards can now properly use "The Mageblade".
- Bugfix: Fixed missing Player spawn points in the Cobol Palace.
- Bugfix: The Vorpal Blade can no longer deal damage from distance.
- Bugfix: Battleaxes now properly requires Advanced Weapons skills to use.
- Bugfix: The Magic Carpet is no longer mountable while being held.
- Bugfix: When cookie stacks are split, they should now retain their burned and wet status.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the joystick reading function. Analog joysticks should work much better now.
- Bugfix: Devil Doors should function properly again.
- Bugfix: Glyph plates in Abyss 2 should now properly display messages again.
- Bugfix: Fixed infinite sound loop being played in Abyss 2.
- Bugfix: Beating the final level now properly lets you save your character progress.
- Bugfix: Changed the use animation for Lamps so that Wizards can use them as well.
- Bugfix: All Divine Runes now properly display messages when crushed.
- Bugfix: Fixed invisible boulder trap in Archaeologist Starter
- Bugfix: Scimitars can now properly be enchanted by the Book of Enchant.
- Bugfix: Book of Summon Crabs should now properly export as a spell and not as a crab monster.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug where the Faeries in the Elf Starter would follow a lumpkin instead of the player.
- Bugfix: Water is now properly impassable terrain in Bishopia City once again.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug where items in shop were bought for only half value.
- Bugfix: Fixed mushrooms having 0 value when bought or sold.
- Bugfix: Tile Mimics can no longer move through doors and walls.
- Bugfix: Angus in Bishopia now properly gives Soul Carver as quest reward.
- Bugfix: Lich boss in the crypt now properly holds an attack spell instead of a treasure chest.
- Bugfix: Fixed a serious bug with morphing.
- Bugfix: Fixed two impassable passages in Catacombs 2 module. (Credits to Rygwryr)
- Bugfix: Fixed bug that made Ghosts invincible and Life Drain caused by Ghosts to heal
without a proper restoration.
- Bugfix: Catacombs 1 and Abyss 2 now properly allows up to 4 player imports instead of 1.
- Bugfix: Major bug fixed that caused modules not to unlock properly when exporting.
- Bugfix: Incorrect boss music in Water Palace fixed.
- Bugfix: Removed music resetting when loading a module.
- Bugfix: Enchantments end messages display escapes properly.
- Bugfix: Fixed some acceleration issues that made the Tourist Starter almost impossible.
- Bugfix: Fixed Lord Hagen AI movement bug in the Soldier Starter.
- Bugfix: Many, many other bugs fixed!

Version 2.7.4 (19.07.2009)
- New Feature: New menu section for Game Options where you can change the game difficulty.
- New Feature: New town module! Visit Sandweg city in the deserts and taste the juicy Kabobs!
- New Feature: Another new music track for Sandweg by Edward Blakely!
- New Feautre: 4 new divine spell runes.
- New Feature: Added a new secret class into the game - The Tourist Starter!
- New Feature: The first Hero class has been added - The Archmage! The Hero class system
allows characters to evolve into a new specialized class after beating a quest.
- Update: Improved model for the Katana weapon.
- Update: Spell Books are priced individually now. Rarer and better spell books are more
expensive than common and low-level books.
- Update: Finally a new updated Game Manual.
- Update: Added new Medkit item to the Archaeologist Starter.
- Update: Rust Eaters now deal extra damage to characters wearing metal armor.
- Update: A new NPC added to Bishopia.
- Update: Confusion effects no longer stack, instead now only the longer effect is applied.
- Update: Life and Mana potions can now be Enchanted into super potions.
- Update: Poison bottles can now be thrown with the Poison Use skill.
- Update: New sound effect for speed potions.
- Update: Truesight now allows characters to read scriptures and even use scrolls.
- Update: Minotores now have grab, drop and parry animations.
- Update: Various new and improved title images.
- Update: Added some more extensive debugging and graphics initialization routines.
- Update: Major updates to the lightning engine.
- Update: Rings now sparkle so that they are more visible.
- Update: Improved Linux and Macintosh compatability.
- Update: Some various rebalancing.
- Update: Improved the Hell Rover AI and added some new animations.
- Bugfix: Scrolls, books and torches now properly ignite in contact with fire.
- Bugfix: Fixed endless particle spawning bug in Catacombs 1.
- Bugfix: Fixed backstabs not being properly triggered.
- Bugfix: Fixed numerous bugs in the K'nife's Heist sidequest module.
- Bugfix: You can no longer put random items in a detection passage to keep doors open.
- Bugfix: Fixed regeneration spell giving mana when sustained instead of costing.
- Bugfix: Changed the bounding box for various objects so that is matches it's size.
- Bugfix: Fixed Bargel still using old version of Burning Hands spell
- Bugfix: Fixed some bugs in the Book of Rot spell.
- Bugfix: Added a fix to ensure that shop items are never Kursed.
- Bugfix: Particle reflections work properly again.
- Bugfix: Jungle warriors are now properly afraid of water.
- Bugfix: Invisible chests in the Shadow Palace should no longer be visible.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug that halved the mana cost for deflecting projectiles.
- Bugfix: Switches can no longer be killed.
- Bugfix: Egoboo should no longer crash in 24-bit color mode.
- Bugfix: Fixed some minor particle rendering bugs.
- Bugfix: Significant tweaks to improve the physics engine.
- Bugfix: Land Mines should work properly again.
- Bugfix: Fixed numerous bugs in the final boss fight.
- Bugfix: Ghouls should no longer return from the dead when already alive.
- Bugfix: Fixed impassable passage in Catacombs 1.
- Bugfix: Fixed a serious bug that caused the quest system to fail.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug that made the Global Object Repository to fail on Windows.
- Bugfix: Minor graphics fixes.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Unlock spell having unlimited range.
- Bugfix: Mosquitoes should now properly increase size when filled with blood.
- Bugfix: Intelligence and wisdom bonus effect to spells should now work properly again.
- Bugfix: The Giant Scorpion boss music should now play properly.
- Bugfix: Mephits stop flying when killed now.
- Bugfix: Fixed experience bonus from high intelligence and wisdom not working.
- Bugfix: Beneficial spells can now properly target allies.
- Bugfix: Enchantments that give Kurse Seeing should properly work now.
- Bugfix: Looped sounds should now work again.
- Bugfix: Fixed some buggy spawning points.
- Note: The Worldmap module was removed until it is in a more finished state.

Version 2.7.3 (20.05.2009)
- New Feature: Another new music soundtrack by Edward Blakely!
- New Feature: The World Map module! You can now travel around Lorule and visit towns and dungeons.
- New Feature: Module Linking is now implemented. This allows your player to directly go
from one module to the next in game without needing to go through the main menu again and
load the module manually.
- New Feature: Improved and more user-friendly ingame UI!
- New Feature: Enhanced some atmospheric effects for the Ice Palace.
- New Feature: Now you can play up to four players on the same computer at the same time
in hotseat mode!
- New Feature: New Sidequest module "The Cobol Palace". Save the world of Bishopia from
the evil Cobol Emperor's menace!
- New Feature: Added support for up to x16 fullscreen antialiasing.
- Update: Reworked the whole physics engine.
- Update: The G'nome Starter is now a unlockable module.
- Update: Strength now affects the throwing range of bombs.
- Update: Doubled the max throwing range of thrown weapons.
- Update: Replaced the Ice Pup with the new Ice Strider mount in the Ice Palace.
- Update: Some various improvements in the physics engine.
- Update: New voices for the Archaeologist class. (Credits to Seanbot)
- Update: Expanded the Global Object Repository a lot.
- Update: It is now harder to use poisoned weapons without the poison use skill.
- Update: Added a new easter egg!
- Update: Olaf's Junkshop now also sells crowbars.
- Update: Scrolls now show different icons when identified.
- Update: A number of code optimizations.
- Update: The input control settings in the game menu now supports other devices than
just keyboard!
- Update: Improved the stability of the game in the way Egoboo loads and uses textures.
- Update: Improved the debugging output Egoboo gives.
- Bugfix: Fixed various bugs in the Animate Mimic spell.
- Bugfix: Weather effects no longer spawn inside walls.
- Bugfix: Ulna in Soldier Starter attacking braziers.
- Bugfix: Arrow particles now face the correct direction when fired.
- Bugfix: The Benemo Quest now drops a heirloom so that you can collect the quest reward.
(Or you can sell the Heirloom and take the money instead)
- Bugfix: Fixed minor potentional bug where Daze and Grog resistance would not work.
- Bugfix: Fixed a potentional bug where the player could move through closed doors.
- Bugfix: Fixed some boss AI behaviour bugs in the Zombi Starter module.
- Bugfix: Fixed the crash bug in the Forgotten Fortress.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug in King Bishop's AI when you rescue him.
- Bugfix: Fixed potential crash bug.
- Bugfix: Various forms of bonus damage should now properly work.
- Bugfix: Fixed an exploit with the Catacombs 1 boss.
- Bugfix: Zombor can now solve the riddle of the dead.
- Bugfix: Fixed some bugs with the module unlock system.
- Bugfix: Fixed a problem with loading .ogg sound files.
- Bugfix: Fixed over 2300 script issues and errors!
- Bugfix: The AI should act much more intelligent now.

Version 2.7.0b (15.03.2009)
- Update: Implemented the global object system. This could dramatically decrease amount
of files and folders Egoboo uses.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug that could cause the game to fail to start.
- Bugfix: Fixed incorrect version number.
- Bugfix: All hidden modules should be locked as it was meant to be.

Version 2.7.0 (05.03.2009)
- New Feature: A whole new and dramatic boss music track composed by Edward Blakely!
- New Feature: The Abyss part 2 is now in the game. The storyline is now complete, which means you can actually beat the whole game now!
- New Feature: Egoboo now uses SDL_Image which improves the texture loading for Egoboo. We now have support for png, jpg, tif, pcx, gif, etc.
- New Feature: Added a new ranged attack spell for divine casters called 'Moonbeam'.
- New Feature: Input controls settings can now be changed in the ingame menu.
- New Feature: Added a new NPC to Zippy Town and in Bishopia City.
- New Feature: The new Quest System is now in the game.
- New Feature: Added two new pets to the pet trader.
- New Feature: A new quest "The Benemo Cave" has been added.
- New Feature: Some new skills have been added and changed (classes.txt)
- Update: Major gameplay rebalancing for every class.
- Update: Rust maggots can now eat metal items that are dropped on the floor.
- Update: Duration for messages can now be adjusted in Video Settings.
- Update: Major gameplay rebalancing in many aspects of the game.
- Update: Egoboo supports .ogg as well as .wav for sound effects now.
- Update: Cobol bodies are now crushable.
- Update: Doubled the sustain cost for the Haste spell.
- Update: Intelligence and wisdom now gives a bonus to xp gained. Every point of INT
above 10 gives 0,5% bonus and WIS gives 0,25% bonus. Below 10 gives penality instead.
- Update: Items now reduce in value if their charges or ammo is drained.
- Update: Zombor's life steal and daze attacks now only apply to unarmed attacks.
- Update: The Symbol of Turning has been tuned down a lot.
- Update: Damage for every weapon in the game has been rebalanced.
- Update: The Mageblade now gains bonus damage from intelligence as well as strength.
- Update: The Clairvoyance spell can now also display all enemies on the map.
- Update: Loot found in dungeons are sold for half value opposed to shop items.
- Update: The Crypt has been made slightly harder to defeat.
- Update: Many items have a new more balanced gold value. (Credits to Clonkinator)
- Update: The weapon 'Chiuaua' now deals triple damage and is armor piercing.
- Update: Increased duration of magic immunity potion from 17 seconds to 30.
- Update: Improved the Watcher boss battle.
- Update: Halved the damage bonus gained from critical hits.
- Update: Adjusted the jumping power for most classes.
- Update: Some pets have been made stronger in combat.
- Update: All pets have now a natural regeneration of 1 hp every 8 seconds.
- Update: Doubled the damage dealt by Scimitars.
- Update: The Katana can now be used as a Simple weapon.
- Update: Paladins can now use crossbows again.
- Update: The Bridge spell is now more powerful than before.
- Update: Reduced the difficulity of the Crypt Lich boss battle.
- Update: The katana has increased attack range.
- Update: The invisibility spell now costs a lot less mana to sustain.
- Update: Zippy Town now sells life potions.
- Update: Random potion skins for unidentified potions was removed.
- Update: Improved some memory optimization.
- Update: Each class can now have multiple skill IDSZ using expansions.
- Bugfix: Fixed exploit where Fearies could give permanent levitation.
- Bugfix: Particles should now correctly find their target.
- Bugfix: Optimized and fixed the AI targeting system a LOT.
- Bugfix: Fixed the pet trader trading pets for the wrong items.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the reload timer.
- Bugfix: Fixed a random item spawning bug in Bishopia city.
- Bugfix: The Healer is no longer charged when taking holy damage after reaching level 8.
- Bugfix: Divine runes are now crushable in passages.
- Bugfix: All potions should now work correctly on invisible users.
- Bugfix: All demons should now properly be damaged by HOLY.
- Bugfix: Fixed various bugs with the Pet Trader in Zippy town.
- Bugfix: Items held in the hands of a player no longer becomes 100% invisible
when the player character turns invisible.
- Bugfix: Ghouls in the Shadow Palace now respawn correctly when killed.
- Bugfix: Stealing from shops works now without any strange bugs.
- Bugfix: A large number of incorrect messaging issues.
- Bugfix: The Holy Aura skill doesn't trigger on slain undead now.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug in the Rogue Starter causing the rogue always to score backstabs.
- Bugfix: The usual bunch of minor matters.
- Note: Paladins can joust with lances again.

Version 2.6.8 (23.11.2008)
- New Feature: Added about 6 new NPC's to spice up both towns. (Some are quest related)
- New Feature: A new sidequest module "The Forgotten Fortress"! (Credits to PurpleSquerkle)
- New Feature: Most classes now gain new skills when gaining levels. In addition the
level cap was increased from 6 to 20. See classes.txt for more information.
- New Feature: Added 6 new spells (Both divine and arcane).
- New Feature: A few new easter eggs were added.
- Update: The mana return rate has been adjusted for game balance.
- Update: Improved the camera rotation.
- Update: The total max number of particle effects are now limited to 2048 instead of 1024.
- Update: You can now specify the FPS limit in setup.txt (Default value is 30)
- Update: Egoboo now supports up to 64 dynamic lights instead of 8 (Changed in setup).
- Update: The game should now compile and work properly on osx!
- Update: Protection and Ward spells cost less mana to sustain.
- Update: Hell Rovers in the Abyss have been made somewhat weaker.
- Update: Severely reduced Eyeball life regeneration.
- Update: Improved the weather effect in the Forgotten Fortress.
- Update: Archeaologist Starter is now slightly harder to unlock.
- Update: The bonuses gained from a Potion of Power has tripled.
- Update: Potions have random skins if they are not identified.
- Update: The Mystic Mold pet has a proper icon now.
- Update: Moggy and Meena do not automatically attack unmoving mimics anymore.
- Update: Any invisible character can try to steal from a shop.
- Update: There is now a % chance based on pet DEX and shopkeeper WIS if pets can
steal from shops without being detected and alert the guards to become agressive!
- Update: Charged items like crossbows and wands reduce in value when ammo is used.
- Update: Recorded new voices for the Mercenaries in the Soldier Starter.
- Update: Improved the Brom and Mim AI in the adventurer starter.
- Update: Revised the Vampire Boss battle in the Catacombs Level 1.
- Update: Updated parts of the Orb Storm spell, it's slightly weaker now.
- Update: The whole Burning Hands spell was remade and improved.
- Update: Removed over 70 junk files.
- Update: The missile spell was tuned down for game balance.
- Update: Reduced the regeneration rate for various monsters.
- Update: Torches give slightly more light.
- Update: Taking screenshots now initiates a timer for the next shot.
- Update: Iron balls now reduce speed five times more than before.
- Update: Lances are less powerful than before.
- Update: Speed potions now have duration of 1 minute instead of 20 seconds.
- Update: A number of texture skins were improved.
- Update: The camera default zoom is now at minimum zoom when starting up a new module.
- Update: Lich boss fight in the Crypt has been updated (Tougher than before).
- Update: Mephits are a bit tougher than before.
- Update: The Fireball spell is now much more effective in use!
- Update: Sand Trolls can now be backstabbed.
- Update: The Zombi class is now weaker due balance issues.
- Update: The Hell Rover monster is now a mount.
- Update: The Sword Wall spell is now more powerful.
- Update: The Archeologist Starter is now a secret unlockable module.
- Update: Stalkers are now invisible.
- Update: The Paladin has a nifty new voice (Credits to Leviticus)
- Update: Changed some minor gameplay approach in the Elf Starter.
- Update: The Zombi class now generates random names.
- Update: The Missile spell is now more easier to hit with.
- Update: Each object should be able to support up to 20 different sounds now
and 10 different particle files. (part*.txt and sound*.wav)
- Bugfix: Removed double message output when buying things from a shopkeeper.
- Bugfix: Overlay and background effects now properly work.
- Bugfix: The Lich in the Crypt no longer gets stuck in the brazier.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bad passage entry in the Adventurer Starter.
- Bugfix: The Guard Captain in Bishopia no longer loops the MODULE UNLOCKED message.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Scroll of Identify being broken and unusable.
- Bugfix: Stone Idols, Graves and Sarcophaguses cannot be destroyed with bare hands now.
- Bugfix: The Elf Starter is now correctly beatable and exports.
- Bugfix: Some minor typos fixed.
- Bugfix: The fire from grub bug spits now correctly generate light.
- Bugfix: The Pet Trader should now correctly remove your traded pet.
- Bugfix: Fixed character variables not getting properly reset when exported.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Elf Starter not properly exporting and added some bonus winning xp.
- Bugfix: Fixed various bugs with the Pet Trader in Zippy town.
- Bugfix: Fixed some upper case file naming that caused things to malfunciton on linux.
- Bugfix: The Musketoon now correctly pierces (ignores) armor.
- Bugfix: Defeating the Deamon Lord exports your character (Three times is the charm)
- Bugfix: Fixed Wand of Missile particle spawning bug.
- Bugfix: Fixed Stalker AI bug that caused them to walk into pits.
- Bugfix: You can now properly split mana potion stacks.
- Bugfix: Fixed some incorrect pricing for different items around the game.
- Bugfix: Hopefully removed the bug that caused the game to crash when Squidgies were nearby.
- Bugfix: Rogues do not poison themselves when using Katana or Handcrossbow anymore.
- Bugfix: Various messaging errors were fixed.
- Bugfix: A bug causing shopkeepers not to tell about transactions properly.
- Bugfix: The Wand of Missile properly burns out after all charges are gone.
- Bugfix: Added about 6 missing script functions
- Bugfix: Fixed the Paladin Halo skill bug.
- Bugfix: Fixed various skin colors that were inverted.
- Bugfix: The boss door in the Ash Palace now open and closes correctly.
- Bugfix: The weapon Sloth correctly reduces movement speed again.
- Bugfix: Fixed Rogue stealth bug.
- Bugfix: A bug causing held objects to lose transparency.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Speed skill reducing speed instead of increasing it.
- Bugfix: Fixed missing global icons when playing an Starter module after a normal one.
- Bugfix: Dexterity now correctly applies when aiming ranged weapons.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Crypt module using an old version of the life potion script.
- Bugfix: The Forgotten Fortress now correctly unlocks itself.
- Bugfix: Added missing Moggy NPC in the Forgotten Fortress module.
- Bugfix: A tool object in the water palace not being hidden.
- Bugfix: Fixed bug where shop items in Bishopia would not spawn correctly.
- Bugfix: The Lich in Wizard Starter no longer blocks the door for entry.
- Bugfix: Healers no longer lose their See Kurse ability when gaining Truesight.
- Bugfix: Major bugfix in the timer system. 1 second is really 1 second now.
Note that every time related state in the game is affected by this. Daze, grog,
enchantment durations, poison, etc. Many values will have to be re-tweaked now.
- Bugfix: Corrected a bug that caused speed enchants to triple in effect.
- Bugfix: Fixed the PRESS JUMP TO RESPAWN error on starter modules after playing a normal one.
- Bugfix: Some script errors with the guard captain in Bishopia.
- Bugfix: Paladins can use Divine Magic runes again and have increased mana return.
- Bugfix: The Holybolt spell now works again.
- Bugfix: All mounts now correctly open chests and normal doors.
- Bugfix: Fixed spawn position in Abyss and module not being correctly beaten.
- Bugfix: Fixed a possible memory corruption bug.
- Bugfix: Fixed a possible error crash when loading a module.
- Bugfix: Fixed a few minor script errors.
- Bugfix: Fixed missing spellbook icons.
- Bugfix: Fixed linuxshield.obj missing a file named tris.md2
- Bugfix: Another 40 or so minor errors.
- Note: Paladins cannot use Lances until the new skill system is fully implemented.

Version 2.6.5b (05.09.2008)
- Update: Bombs are now more powerful.
- Update: The True Sight spell now gives darkvision and reveals dark spots.
- Update: Now using SDL_Mixer version 1.2.8
- Update: Various minor improvements.
- Bugfix: True Sight now properly lets you see kurses.
- Bugfix: Added an critical missing file that made the game crash.
- Bugfix: Linux build script corrected.
- Bugfix: Fixed an script error.

Version 2.6.5 (23.08.2008)
- Update: Shields now have a block rating, depending on attacker vs. defender
strength. Also added Tower Shield with higher block rating.
- Update: Only characters with the Weapon Profiency skill can now use Katanas,
Swords, Scythe, Hatchets, Broadswords, Warhammer and Longbows
- Update: The graveyard man in Bishopia now has unique voices
- Update: Zombor Starter has been updated.
- Update: A number of various object updates (Credits to PurpleSquerkle)
- Update: Deamon Lord boss battle rebalanced and enhanced.
- Update: Bishopia textures were updated.
- Update: Changed the way intelligence and wisdom adds bonus damage to spells.
Now spells gain +2% effect bonus per point of int/wis over 14 and -2% for
each point below 14 (instead of old +1 full damage for each stat point).
- Update: A number of inventory icons were improved (Credits to Chainsaw)
- Update: All pets are now thougher than before.
- Update: The Lance is more powerful than before
- Update: Knives can now be stacked and thrown
- Update: Wells now refill mana as well as life
- Update: Various adjustments to the attack speed system
- Update: The whip now deals +2 bonus damage in the hands of an Archeologist
- Update: Some camera modifications
- Update: Couple of improvements to Linux installation (Credits to penguinflyer)
- Update: A couple of texture skins were improved.
- Update: Reduced the Life of Jungle Warriors
- Update: The Soldier Starter had yet another update
- Update: Many balance issues improved.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Grub Mum boss joining a different team than her Grub children.
- Bugfix: Log.txt now correctly always gives all warning and error output.
- Bugfix: The alpha blendig bug messing up vertrices.
- Bugfix: Removed bug where the game would freeze when changing music
- Bugfix: Bunch of minor stuff.

Version 2.6.4 (19.06.2008)
- New Feature: The archeologist starter is in the game. Go treasure hunting!
- Update: The attack speed of many weapons is now affected by dexterity
- Update: Rusty items are no longer target to rust attacks
- Update: Bishopia textures were updated.
- Bugfix: The shovel model is no longer held upside-down.
- Bugfix: Players no longer spawn at the boss in the Abyss.
- Bugfix: Fixed incorrect bleeding particles with Zippy shopkeeper.
- Bugfix: Iron Balls no longer export attached to characters.
- Bugfix: Bats no longer get caught in bear traps.
- Bugfix: Griffin Tower now correctly exports player characters.
- Bugfix: Adventurer Starter correctly spawns Grub Bugs instead of Fiend Bugs
- Bugfix: Minor incorrect messaging fixes.
- Bugfix: Other minor fixes.

Version 2.6.3b (01.06.2008)
- Update: The game manual is now up to date.
- Bugfix: The Pause button now properly works
- Bugfix: Fixed a number of bugs with the Windows installer
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug with the menu when starting a module.

Version 2.6.3 (01.06.2008)
- New Feature: A new sidequest -Griffin Tower- has been added into the game.
- New Feature: Some new items and models has been added around the game (Credits to Chainsaw).
- New Feature: Another sidequest -The Crypt - has been added.
- New Feature: The Bishopia Graveyard has been added into the City.
- Update: The Katana skin and model has been improved.
- Update: Bishopia City has new blue roofs.
- Update: The Yeti boss had another update.
- Update: The missile spell is now more powerful.
- Update: Reduced the volume of coin particles.
- Update: Egoboo supports now up to 128 sounds played at the same time instead of 32.
- Update: Lamps are now waterproof.
- Update: Some balancing adjustments to gameplay.
- Update: A new easter egg has been implemented.
- Update: The Ice Lizard monster is improved.
- Update: The unlock order of the palaces has changed.
- Bugfix: Bug causing Orbstorm spell to spawn too many orbs.
- Bugfix: A number of Unix related bugs were fixed.
- Bugfix: Incorrect Mana Return bug.
- Bugfix: Fixed some incorrect music transitions.
- Bugfix: Fixed crash on startup on many Windows systems.
- Bugfix: Fixed a crash bug with missing music files.
- Bugfix: First level characters now correctly drop money when dying.
- Bugfix: Several minor fixes.

Version 2.6.1 (05.05.2008)
- New Feature: A new monster has been added into the game, the Ghuul.
- Update: The Catacomb 1 has a new title image. (Credits to Chainsaw)
- Update: Game now properly runs on Linux again (Credits to penguinflyer)
- Update: You now gain bonus xp if Brom, Mim, Whitebeard or Lord Hagen survives.
- Update: Baseball Kirby!
- Update: The Abyss has a new title image. (Credits to Chainsaw)
- Update: The Yeti boss in the Ice Palace has now proper animation and AI
- Bugfix: Added missing key in Catacombs level 1
- Bugfix: Music works again.
- Bugfix: Shadow Palace no longer crashes.
- Bugfix: Mephit wings stop flapping if their master dissappears.
- Note: Reverted back to old SDL, hopefully Egoboo runs on more systems now.

Version 2.6.0 (21.04.2008)
- New Feature: A number of new weapons, monsters and other objects.
- New Feature: A number of new spells and improvements to existing ones.
- New Feature: A new boss music track has been added.
- New Feature: The Paladin has new textures, icons and sounds.
- New Feature: Knife's Heist! A module for every treasure hungry rogue out there!
- Update: The difficulity for the Adventurer starter has been tuned down.
- Update: The teleport spell can now malfunction (Chance based on intelligence)
- Update: The Bind spell can now be resisted (Checks caster Int vs. target Wis)
- Update: The Ice Palace now has a new title icon (Credits to Chainsaw)
- Update: Demons are now much more dangerous.
- Update: Added a new boss tune to the Deamon Lord fight.
- Update: The Watcher boss is now more dangerous.
- Update: The Orbstorm spell has been made a lot weaker.
- Update: The Game Manual has now a monster section too (Thanks to Florian Natterer)
- Update: The Spork of Fire has a new skin.
- Update: The Bishopia guards have new sounds and talk when you bump them.
- Update: Improved the aim of the Longbow (Now superb for aiming up and down)
- Update: Some rebalancing was made to a number of modules.
- Update: Tuned down the difficulity of the Ash Arena.
- Update: Identify scrolls now also unkurse the target item (And reduced the price by 50%).
- Update: Improved the install compitabillity for Linux OS.
- Update: A number of item stacks can now be split and dropped.
- Update: The adventurer module had a number of updates.
- Update: The SDL has been updated to newest version.
- Update: Original game icon has been reimplemented!
- Update: Many AI scripts and functions had some major improvements.
- Update: Lamps gives greater lightning.
- Update: A new title image for the paladin, matching his new look.
- Update: Ghouls are now a lot more agressive.
- Update: A lot of text fixes within the Game Manual
- Bugfix: The firebomb trapped chest in the Abyss now correctly drops loot.
- Bugfix: Switches in the Catacombs can no longer be killed.
- Bugfix: The Relic of Turning from the Catacombs now works correctly.
- Bugfix: Fixed some monsters getting spawned stuck inside walls.
- Bugfix: The map in the Shadow Palace now works again (Credits to Florian Natterer).
- Bugfix: Bishopia Torches now lightable (Credits to Agent of Dread)
- Bugfix: The ammo quiver is no longer thrown when used.
- Bugfix: A ton of minor messaging bugs!
- Bugfix: K'nife should now stay alive in his prison until the player arrives.
- Bugfix: Frights can now be crushed.
- Bugfix: A lot of script errors were fixed.
- Bugfix: A bug regarding poisoned weapons has been fixed.
- Bugfix: Mephits display correct messaging now.
- Bugfix: Levitation potions display correct skin.
- Bugfix: A LOT minor fixes.

Version 2.4.4b (25.10.2007)
- This release fixed some bugs and changes that were supposed to be done in the last version:
* The Paladin Starter modifications
* Sound bug error
* Some minor graphical things

Version 2.4.4 (24.10.2007)
- New Feature: The Deamon Lord in the Abyss now drops random (Some new!) magical loot each time you kill him.
- New Feature: Added an exciting new music track for the Elf Starter.
- New Feature: Added a new monster - The Death Mephit (Also upgraded all mephit AI and skins).
- New Feature: High quality shadows now work correctly.
- Update: Some updated menu graphical texturing.
- Update: Healers and Paladins now gain wisdom bonus to their healing power.
- Update: The Abyss has now the new nice and scary revamped textures (Credits to Hiroy).
- Update: Snow Cobols have new improved revamped skins.
- Update: The Paladin and Wizard starter is now easier to finish (Also increased paladin life).
- Update: Did some minor upgrades to several Starters (New effects, balance and fixes)
- Update: Few other minor monster changes/tweaks
- Bugfix: Ammo quivers can no longer reload ninjastar bags.
- Bugfix: Lags between music switching should be reduced.
- Bugfix: Music track changes should now be correct (They were wrong before).
- Bugfix: Some AI script issues in the Soldier Starter
- Bugfix: Bug making the overlay effects in the G'nome starter not work properly.

Version 2.4.3 (22.09.2007)
- New Feature: Ingame video and audio setup now works!
- New Feature: Ansiotropic, Bilinear and Trilinear texture filtering has been added in addition to Linear filtering.
- New Feature: High wisdom and intelligence can now directly influence all spell damage dealt
- New Feature: The badass Zombi monster has new special powers and improved AI!
- New Feature: Overlay effects have been added (Gnome starter)!
- Update: Added the autocamera rotation function (Still needs some work for perfection).
- Update: Pressing F8 ingame now pauses the game until you press F8 again.
- Update: Pressing the buttons "control+q" now quits the game anytime.
- Update: Some optimizing and improvement in the sound and music code.
- Update: Xp penality upon death has been reduced from 25% to 15%.
- Update: Cleaned up the game structure, reducing number of files needed by 195 and disk usage by 780 kb.
- Bugfix: A bug in the soldier starter causing locked doors not to open
- Bugfix: When reloading gunpowder weapons, the G'nome no longer throws away an ammo box while doing so.
- Bugfix: Holding the Spork of Fire always made you instantly win any level.

Version 2.4.1 (16.08.2007)
- New Feature: A new fully working music system for both ingame and in the menu! (Including sound fading and 3D positioning)
- New Feature: Over 10 new different music tracks for different modules and themes
- New Feature: Graphic enchantments like Antialasing, Shading, Dithering and Prespective Correction is now added and
is fully functional.
- Update: The ultimate powers of the rouge and paladin has changed (Rouge can do triple jumps while paladin converts evil
damage to mana).
- Update: A sound effect is played whenever a player gains a level up.
- Update: Instead of losing all their money, players lose an amount dependant on their level.
- Bugfix: Fixed some minor messaging issues.
- Bugfix: Fixed a number of incorrect damage ranges, skins, particle spawns and attack rates.
- Bugfix: A bug causing the character not being able to open the boss door in the Soldier starter.
- Bugfix: Map markers and icon sparkles work again.
- Bugfix: Many sound script functions work now correctly.
- Note: All modules have been unlocked so that they all can be tested for bugs and such.

Version 2.3.9 (06.08.2007)
- New Feature: New type of divine spells can be found in the Paladin shop which is now
included in Bishopia!
- New Feature: Over ten new magical items, divine spells and potions (Including powerful elixirs
which permanently boost your health!)
- Update: The XP loss system was greatly improved! No more bugs or strange errors. From now on you
always lose a clean 25% of your total XP if you respawn. If you are brought back trough an
spell/scroll, then you will not lose any XP at all!
- Update: Money is no longer lost when dropped in water.
- Update: Mana cost for the Haste spell was reduced by 33%
- Update: The Orbstorm spell now costs significally more mana to use.
- Update: Energy Drain is now permanent (Life loss as described in the manual).
- Update: The Game Manual had a big update in the spell section. All spells from both the new
Divine type and the old Arcane are added with detailed description. In addition more
information and help about spellcasting can be found there too. Lastly an new section
about status condition is described.
- Bugfix: Picking up more than 9999$ does no longer drop your money back to 0$. (Credits to Florian Natterer)
- Bugfix: Items and equipment in Bishopia shops are now never cursed.
- Bugfix: You could sell the Bridge of Light spell for 200 zorkmids and rebuy it for 100!
- Bugfix: Fixed the Ice Ball wand icon.
- Bugfix: The Holy Rune in the Catacomb module now correctly works for divine casters.
- Bugfix: The northwest gate in the Abyss module is opened again when you kill the vampires. (Credits to Florian Natterer)
- Bugfix: The shovel no longer "Hovers" over ground.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Healer special power.
- Bugfix: Lot of other fixes and tweaks.
- Note: The installer includes a package called vcredist.exe which installs all required files to
run Egoboo, which means it should work on most computers now.
- Note: The old option to play with more than 1 player is added. Just run multiplayer.exe - It is also possible to play
over network or internet with it (Read manual). Anyways multiplayer.exe does have a number of bugs and errors that
are fixed in the normal exe file, but for those who really want to play multi or hotseat - this is a option.

Version 2.3.8 (10.06.2007)
- New Feature: The Catacombs level 2 is finished! This is a high level dungeon filled with
undead and lots of other nasty suprises - enjoy!
- New Feature: Couple of new items and monsters (Weapons, ghosts, amulets, etc).
- Update: Tons of fixes, changes and tweaks in the Bishopia module (Including new items, sounds, etc.)
- Update: Various IDSZ references updated to be more correct.
- Update: Improved the AI for the Deamon Lord and Vampires.
- Update: Some minor rebalancing trougout all of the classes.
- Update: Smoothed out the wall textures in the Ice Palace.
- Update: You can no longer respawn when killed in towns and cities.
- Bugfix: The Soldier starter is now always beatable in addition to some minor other enchntments to
the module (Credits to Florian Natterer).
- Bugfix: Fixed various bugs in the Ice Palace
- Bugfix: Fixed the boss door stuttering and passage failure in the Abyss level 1.
- Bugfix: The rogue shop and the Paladin order gate should now correctly function again.

Version 2.3.7 (27.03.2007)
- Update: Now the city of Bishopia has a title art.
- Update: Manapotions are now 60% cheaper than before.
- Update: Did some minor improvement tweaks on Bishopia City.
- Update: Made some changes to the Catacomb art titles to make them more distinct.
- Update: Fire Mephit AI has been improved (Mephits no longer flock and move trough.
eachother). Also redid the mephit/wing structure to optimize the need of datafiles to 1/6.
- Bugfix: Abyss Level 2 module is now beatable and exportable.
- Bugfix: Did some script AI fixes for the Bishopia Guards.
- Bugfix: Now the module unlock bug really is totally free of bugs!
- Bugfix: Several minor tweaks on the Wizard Starter.

Version 2.3.6 (15.03.2007)
- New Feature: A showcase for level 3 in the final Catacomb modules has been added.
- New Feature: Bishopia module is finally finished (For beta testing)!
- New Feature: About 30 new objects, including potions, weapons, magic, etc.
- New Feature: New improved user intreface menu!
- Update: The Arena module has been reimplemented
- Update: Did some changes to the Paladin starter. It is slightly easier to win.
- Update: Egoboo now uses SDL version 1.2.11
- Update: Paladins can no longer use crossbows
- Update: Xp penality has been tuned down by about 33%
- Update: Longbows have improved aim while crossbows have increased reload time
- Update: It takes longer time between shots of a gonne (While pistol shoots faster)
- Update: Greatly improved the Ulna monster AI (Normal Ulnas, leaders and throwers
use the same AI and data to optimize)
- Bugfix: Fixed particles sometimes not appearing when they should
- Bugfix: Gong sound now plays correctly
- Bugfix: No respawn modules now work correctly
- Bugfix: Module Unlock system error removed
- Bugfix: Whitebeard in the G'nome module can now fire a gonne again
- Bugfix: Pressing Escape while in a module no longer quits the game
- Bugfix: Numerous minor tweaks, improvements and fixes
- Note: Random maps has been temproary removed (No active developers were working on it)
- Note: Menu music is removed until an later version (Until SDL_mixer is added again)

Version 2.2.4 (08.01.2007)
- New Feature: A proper installer has been added (Thanks to Alazamir)
- New Feature: Each class has now a unlockable special power (Read game manual for more info)
- New Feature: Death penality has been added (Xp loss) - Still in test phase for balancing
- New Feature: Module unlock system has been enabled! You now need to beat a specific palace before you
can advance to the next one.
- Update: Players no longer need to identify spellbooks they buy in cities
- Update: Poisoned weapon system has been updated, rouges and characters with high wisdom are more able to
use these weapons (None-rouges with low wisdom will often poison themselves)
- Update: Textures for Random Maps have been greatly improved
- Update: Game Manual has been updated a lot for 2.2.4
- Update: Ice Palace had some finishing touches (Last boss still needs better animation)
- Update: Adventurers have now a max level of 6 instead of 4!
- Update: Many of the classes have been rebalanced (Especially xp system)
- Update: Several spells gain bonus damage or effect from intelligence
- Update: Original Egoboo controls has been set as standard (You can still change them as normal in controls.txt)
- Update: Zippy Town has it's items tuned down a bit (Some were too powerful)
- Update: Trolls are tougher to defeat than before
- Bugfix: Fixed paladin skin bugs
- Bugfix: Sound delay error removed!
- Bugfix: Sand Palace double keyuse bug fixed...
- Bugfix: Ash palace requires you now to find the spork to win (Not only killing the boss)
- Bugfix: Several minor fixes and tweaks
- Note: Networking support has been removed for as long as it takes to remove the
module cap on it (It only worked with less than 10 modules implemented into the game).
- Note: The city of bishopia is delayed because the source code did not support its large amount of content.
Game source is being fixed for next update so that the module will correctly work again.
- Note: Secret unlockable Arena module has been removed for until version 2.2.5

Version 2.2.3 (08.10 2006)
- New Feature: Menu Music has been added to the game! (Music by Klastek Timrak)
- New Feature: The Ice Palace has been added (Beta Version)!
- New Feature: 3 totally new monsters and a couple of new magic items
- New Feature: Network Support added! - Read game manual for more info (Thanks to Jonathan Fischer)
- New Feature: Map Tilesets have been added (For Developers)
- Update: The game Setup has been updated
- Update: Updated the GPL document (General Public License)
- Update: Macintosh users can now play Egoboo as well!
- Update: Original Egoboo icon included
- Update: G'nomes have now a lvl cap of 6 instead of 4
- Update: A really major update has been done to the Game Manual (Lots of info on how to develop egoboo)
- Update: The Wizard Starter had some minor tweaking
- Bugfix: 3D Positional sounds are now functional
- Bugfix: Removed bug making the player automatically attack when starting the game
- Bugfix: Game physhics now work in Adventurer Starter again
- Bugfix: Lots of Minor Bugfixes

Version 2.2.1 (29.July 2006)
- New Feature: Added about 6 new monsters
- New Feature: Added few new weapons, potions and other various items
- New Feature: Starter Modules including Elf, Wizard, Soldier and Paladin Starters!
- Update: The Egoboo Manual is now up to date!
- Bugfix: Fixed Healer Starter bug: Always exporting the character
- Bugfix: Rouge Starter bug: K'nife not responding propely
- Bugfix: A bug making all shields in Ash Palace dissapear (Credits to Denis Jaimes)

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