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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:08 pm 
Grub Bug (Rookie)
Grub Bug (Rookie)

Joined: Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:17 pm
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Here goes. These are the unreported (hopefully) bugs i noticed in last two days in v.2.7.4:

Gnome starter: the moving boxes will be moved if someone (usually an AI...) falls from higher level and the box stops the slide. The one who gets stuck between the slippery wall and box can't get off easily especially if the one stuck is an AI player/monster. If the box moves too much it will become impossible to get to the higher level since the length of the jump required will be increased.
Sand Palace: Tile mimics seems to be able to move chests if they are on the way. Also the two trenches that spawns after you open the chest seems to lack something. sometimes they just keeps walking one way without noticing you even if you hit em...
Adventurer starter: If i ride that mouse thingy while trying to loot the chest that contains better armor it says that the armor is for adventurer and thats it. i can swap armor correctly if i jump off and try again.
The rotation of camera is impossible using game pad? atleast i couldn't make it work. i set the rotation key as JOY_0 (button 1 in my pad) but that did not work at all. even while holding the key i can't turn/zoom the camera. i recall that it worked right in version 2.6.4... anyways, i managed to make it work using other programs outside of egoboo and setting the rotation keys to the keyboard. still, i see this as a bug. and yes, i turned off the cam auto-rotate so that shouldnt be at fault.
Crispy wrote:
if i remember correctly the water walk/jump boots (can't remember the name) did work correctly if i took em off myself and just re-equiped em but if i jumped while re-equiping em the effect didn't apply. also as mentioned the loading of new module or getting killed also nullifies the effects and you will have to drop and repick em again to make em work correctly.

also noticed that if i take off any equipment while invisible the equipment will not work properly unless dropped and repicked while not invisible.
Global: The 8th mark of the player name disappears from right upper corner of the screen. shows it correctly in msg list though (might be a windowed only bug. haven't tested if this applies to full screen also).
Soldier Starter: The first locked door seems to be somehow unwilling to co-operate even if you have a key. took me a while before i could open it. i had the key and bumped to it many times without results. one time it just opened and yes, i had the key the whole time. This bug was also in version 2.6.8 btw...

I'll keep refreshing the list if i find more.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:20 pm 
Squirrel Knight (Administrator)
Squirrel Knight (Administrator)
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I added a fix that stops any looped sounds whenever a object dies.

[edit]I noticed the code was a bit unclear on how it handles looped sounds. It seems there is a mix of your and my version of the looped sound code. One way is handling looped sounds using a list (yours). The other one is mine which is storing a single integer of the channel used for the looped sound. Which one do we use and is functional? We need to remove the other one to clean it up some and keep the code consistent?[/edit]



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