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PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:11 pm 
Sheep (Developer)
Sheep (Developer)
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Joined: Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:39 am
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The Tourist's Guide has spelling and grammatical errors:

Locked_chest_can_be_opened_by_silver_chest_keys. Locked chest -> Locked chests
Poison_is_a_nasty_and_dangerous_buisiness. buisiness -> business
If_you_catch_on_fire,_seek_water_immediatly_to_douse_the_flames! immediatly -> immediately
This_camera_is_nice_for_taking_pictures_and_dazzling_monsters_with_it's_flash. it's -> its
Unfourtunately_the_catacombes_are_locked_by_five_magical_seals. catacombes -> catacombs
TRANCH_-_Scorpion,_poisenous,_jumps. poisenous -> poisonous
So_try_to_learn_good_tactics_that_works_vs._each_monsterype. monsterype -> monster type
Many_items_around_Bishopia_is_enchanted_with_magic. is -> are
Some_of_it_is_bad_and_others_are_good._The_bad_ones_are_called_'Kursed'. it is -> them are
Seek_healer_or_use_identify_to_get_rid_of_Kursed_items. healer -> a healer
Wearing_bracelets_shoes,_amulets_and_rings_can_greatly_boost_your_power. bracelets -> bracelets,
Intelligence_also_gives_resistance_against_divine_magic. & While_Wisdom_gives_resistance_to_arcane_magics. combine into one sentence, with a comma after magic and lowercased 'while'
ANGUS_-_Once_a_scottish_tourist_to_Bishopia._Now_is_rich_and_owns_a_castle. scottish -> Scottish's called the Tourist's Guide to Lorule, but the text inside says "Thank_you_for_using_'the_Tourist's_Guide_to_Bishopia(tm)'!" Which one is it?


PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 1:24 am 
Darkshine Knight (Extremist fanatic)
Darkshine Knight (Extremist fanatic)
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Joined: Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:16 pm
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Good thing somebody caught those!

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."
Bug me if you want to play a game.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:59 am 
Squirrel Knight (Administrator)
Squirrel Knight (Administrator)
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Thanks, I have applied your fixes to the text file.

And it's Lorule not Bishopia. We called the world for Bishopia until we came up with the better name Lorule (since the capital city is named Bishopia)



PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:09 am 
Sheep (Developer)
Sheep (Developer)
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Joined: Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:39 am
Posts: 3023
Location: Best Southwest
There's a whole bunch of Bishopia's that need to be changed to Lorule then.


PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:29 am 
{]-[0{0|307 (Developer)
{]-[0{0|307 (Developer)

Joined: Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:22 am
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The continent is Lorule.
The central city is Bishopia.
The kingdom may or may not be called Bishopia. One of Denis Jaimes's enduring legacies is that the kingdom may be called the Kingdom of the Plains.
I believe the central plain of Lorule is called the Plains of Bishopia.

Who knows what this will mean for the tourist's guide. Maybe we should just remove any obvious mistakes, and put everything else down to the fact that the characters are somewhat confused, themselves.


Even more spelling mistakes fixed.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:16 am 
Darkshine Knight (Extremist fanatic)
Darkshine Knight (Extremist fanatic)
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Joined: Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:07 pm
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Try repeating a module if you have little money.
This guy are sick. Seek healer or use identify.
Use a potion if you run out of enegy.
Beacause you're a puppet!

I am sorry.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 12:54 pm 
{]-[0{0|307 (Developer)
{]-[0{0|307 (Developer)

Joined: Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:22 am
Posts: 1864
Location: Minnesota, USA
current version

'Tourist's Guide to Lorule' - So you want to be a hero? (Revision 3)
You read this on the front: "Don't panic!"
Welcome to the World of Bishopia, a place of wonders and secrets.
This guide will try to teach you some of these secrets.
But beware, most treasures and rewards are guarded by danger.
Traps, monsters, puzzles, riddles, O my!
Unlike most books, The Guide is immune to water damage and fire.
Any complaints or suggestions should be sent to:
We will begin by some basics: every hero should have some gear.
A light source - lamp, torch, magic, etc.
A melee weapon - anything from knives to broadswords.
~The bigger, the better.
A ranged weapon – longbows, xbows, a gonne, ninja stars, etc.
~Sometimes you just have to kill a monster from a distance.
Some healing potions – read the label
These will keep you alive... and they freshen your breath!
This concludes your basic equipment for survival... Next chapter!
Rule number one for survival is: “Be careful.”
Recklessness will most likely get you killed!
Before entering the dungeon, make sure you have anything you need.
Treasure chest aren't always friendly. They might jump up and bite you!
They can also be trapped by poisonous vapours or vicious fire!
Locked chests can be opened by silver chest keys.
Extra keys are much more useful than 10 foot poles or 50 feet of rope.
When was the last time you used 50 feet of rope? Really?
Every class in the game has their own beneficial skills.
Yes! Even you, the tourist!
The key is to combine your skills and to work as a team.
Nothing else is as deadly.
Well, Lots of things are deadly for lonely people... but for monsters, teamwork kills.
Poison is a nasty and dangerous business.
Should your skin turn green, then you are either seasick or poisoned.
If you suspect the latter, seek medical help immediately.
Healing potions and Healers or Paladins are the most common solution.
If you catch on fire, seek water immediately to douse the flames!
Being frozen is a bad thing. You will be paralyzed and slowed.
Try avoiding being frozen! Time is the only cure...(Or fire)
Enough of basic adventuring, let's talk about you, the Tourist!
So you are a Tourist eh?
You should have been shipped to Bishopia with a camera.
This camera is nice for taking pictures, and it can dazzle monsters with its flash.
Did you remember to pack your armor in your suitcase? Well, no one ever does...
So be careful, it's easy to die out there!
Credit cards are useless here. You need zenny coins to shop ($).
You should get yourself a gonne as soon as possible.
This is your only chance at survival!
Unless you like whips, then whips are your only hope.
But there are also knives... well, you get the picture.
Find a G'nome and give him some candy, then when he is eating the candy, take his gonne.
Or you could pay for one in a G'Nome shop, if you forgot to bring candy...
(Why do we even bother to you that list of important items?)
Lumpkins sometimes carry guns, and they are really stupid.
As for armor, we definitely told you to pack some, so you are on your own...
Every region of Bishopia benefits from different types of protection.
EVIL resist for sandy areas. (Protects from poison)
ZAP resist for wet areas. (Squidgies can shock you)
FIRE resist for fiery places. (Fire hurts)
EVIL resist for dark places. (Remember to bring light!)
ICE resist for cold areas. (Avoid being frozen!)
You will notice that you have a couple of statistics...
SRENGTH - Melee damage, lifting heavy stuff, shield blocking, throw range.
INTELLIGENCE - XP gain bonus, arcane power,divine resist, decipher scripts.
WISDOM - Minor XP bonus, divine power, arcane resist, use poison, find secrets.
DEXTERITY - Weapon attack speed, ranged attack hit, disarm traps.
Now you know enough about yourself... Next chapter!
So you want to be a hero eh?
What a fruitful coincidence!
In matter of fact Bishopia needs a great Hero right now!
The King of Bishopia has been captured by the Evil Dracolich!
The Dracolich is a undead Draconian Lich with immense powers.
He is very dangerous and has bad breath.
Do not offer him mints, as he will burn you to crisp.
To save Lord Bishop you must reach into the deep Abyss into the Dracolich's Sanctum.
To enter the Abyss you first need to go to the lowest level of the Catacombs.
Unfortunately, the catacombs are locked by five magical seals.
These seals can only be opened by a magical Spork.
Each Spork is hidden in a Palace, filled with traps and puzzles and monsters, O my!
Find all five Sporks, unlock the catacombs. Destroy all undead there.
Enter the Abyss. Defeat the Demon Hordes. Kill the Draco Lich...
Well you're the one who wants to be a hero, not me!
This chapter contains information about common monsters in Bishopia.
~TRANCH - Scorpion, poisonous, jumps.
~COBOL - Bear, likes whips, gangs up.
~LUMPKIN - Niema!, can carry guns, cowards.
~FRIGHT - Floating skulls, paralysis, indestructible.
~GHOSTS - Spirits, use silver or holy to destroy.
~JUNGLE WARRIOR - Cats, very fast and good dodgers.
~TROLL - Ugly, regenerates and turns to stone, use fire.
~WARLOCK - Mystical, uses magic, dangerous.
~HOWLER - Fungus, nasty sounds, attracts monsters.
There are too many to be listed here.
So try to learn good tactics that works vs. each monster type.
Magic is a great friend and a deadly enemy.
You can choose from Arcane and Divine.
And Necromancy, if you can make friends with Dracolitch, but he has no friends.
Arcane power is gained by talent, intellect and training.
Divine magic is granted by the gods.
Many items around Bishopia are enchanted with magic.
Some of them are bad and others are good. The bad ones are called 'Kursed'.
Using a Kursed item may have bad side effects.
Seek a healer or use scroll of identify to get rid of Kursed items.
Wearing bracelets, shoes, amulets and rings can greatly boost your power.
You can only wear one ornament type of the time! (One pair of shoes only, etc)
The best defense against magic is... magic!
Potions, equipment and spells are the most common protections against magic.
Intelligence boosts your resistance vs divine magic, while Wisdom helps vs arcane magics.
A tourist cannot use either divine or arcane magic.
This chapter contains information about interesting places and people...
BARGEL - Dangerous criminal. Dabbles in the art of dark wizardry.
~Currently imprisoned in the Griffin Tower high security prison.
ZIPPY TOWN - A peaceful village on the plains, the main trading post for wool and sheep.
LORD HAGEN - Loyal Lord to the King. A knight of high reputation.
~Has a rich well guarded treasury, protected by a maze.
K'NIFE - A G'nome thief arrested for trying to steal from Lord Hagen's treasury.
~Currently imprisoned in the COBOL mines as a slave.
ANGUS - Once a Scottish tourist to Bishopia. Now is rich and owns a castle.
~If there ia a problem, no doubt Angus will be involved.
LORD BISHOP - The king of Bishopia! He is currently held prisoner!
~Bishopia needs a great hero to save him from the Dracolich's clutches!
BISHOPIA CITY - The great capitol city of the kingdom Bishopia.
BOUNTY TAVERN - A tavern in Bishopia city. Good place for adventurers to meet.
MARCUS - An archaeologist who resides by the city council in Bishopia.
GRIFFIN TOWER - A high security prison located in Bishopia City.
FORGOTTEN FORTRESS - An ancient fortress located in the Elven Woods.
This page intentionally left blank
This page intentionally left blank
The back cover of the book has a picture of the author and his bio. Very dull.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:01 pm 
Darkshine Knight (Extremist fanatic)
Darkshine Knight (Extremist fanatic)
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Joined: Sat Feb 20, 2010 1:07 pm
Posts: 2557
I greatly enjoyed this text. Informative and funny, and it fits nicely into Lorule

Some other stuff I've found:
-"undead lich" is kind of redundant.
-"if you make friends with Dracolitch" -> Dracolich
-Strength is misspelled as "srength" in the stat list.
-At least according to the old manual, Lumpkins say "MiMa", not "Niema!". I assume the "Niema" is some reference I didn't get, though I know it is a name.

Where are these Howlers found? I got the reference, but never saw them in-game...

PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:20 pm 
{]-[0{0|307 (Developer)
{]-[0{0|307 (Developer)

Joined: Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:22 am
Posts: 1864
Location: Minnesota, USA
ugh, spell checkers do not check things in all caps...

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