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 Post subject: A Couple Of Suggestions
PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:18 am 
Acid Blob (New member)
Acid Blob (New member)
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For the beginning,I would like to say how great this game is. It was one of the first games I ever played when I was a child,and from the first moment I fell in love with this game :D After a long time I downloaded this game again,and I got few ideas to add into a game (I dont know if these Ideas were already suggested before,or they're being worked on. If they were already discussed,then Im sorry for wasting your time):

1. Steam
-Probably biggest suggestion of all these. Im sure this game would be much more popular if it would be on steam. Personally,I would pay even 60€ for game like this.

2. Multiplayer Everywhere
-I know there is many modules with more players,but what if "new game" modules also included multiplayer?

3. Cutscenes?
-Maybe after each module,or boss battle some small cutscene,not 'just' text?

4. Fist fighting is uneffective
-maybe improve it alittle? the damage isnt the problem,but its really hard to hit anything with it

5. Combos
-this came on my mind long ago. When character swings its weapon,it just does it once. It probably would be hard to create this,but could the characters be able to swing twice atleast:

6. Character edit?
-players might appriciate to edit alittle their player model at the beggining of the game. Like changing skin colour,or hair(maybe gender?)

7. Range weapons aiming
-I know that aiming system is being worked on. It could work on system like "Holding the fire would aim,and with releasing it would fire".

8. Hostile button
-When I decided to destroy zippy village,I couldnt attack villagers with sword,only with range weapon. Maybe add Hostile option to turn it on,and freely attack?

9. Highline items lying on the ground?
-In darker modules,I forgot some items lying on the ground. Maybe highline items when you walk to them?

10. Visible Damage
-If your character (or enemy) would be close to death,or just slightly damaged,there could be visible wounds on the character

11. Enemy Health bar
-I think there is no need for explain :)

12. Stamina
-It would make a combat system more interesting if you would get tired while fighting,I would say

13. Zombies
-In zombor start module,every zombie looks almost the same. Could the zombies maybe look similiar to their "living form"?

14. Item information
-It would be pretty useful to see how much damage each weapon does. Or what kind of things items do.

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