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 Post subject: Egoboo 2.8.2 Beta
PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:22 pm 
Squirrel Knight (Administrator)
Squirrel Knight (Administrator)
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Here is Egoboo 2.8.2 beta release. I have packaged together the new datafiles and binary into an installer:
Download installer for Windows

This is a beta release so that any critical bugs can be uncovered. Various issues reported from previous release have been fixed and the module includes the new Spider dungeon module. For developers this release also includes the new script features and a basic (but buggy) implementation of A* pathfinding!

Detailed list of changes:
Version 2.8.2 BETA (04.03.2011)
- New Feature: New sidequest called 'Lair of the Spider Queen'! Unlock the quest in Zippy Town.
- Update: Improved the Darkshine Knight AI.
- Update: Various improvements to the EgoScript AI compiler.
- Update: Removed the limit for the number of messages each object can have.
- Update: Increased the amount the camera can zoom out for a better view.
- Update: Major improvements to Hotseat play. You can now assign players to any input device instead
of player each player being hard-coded to a specific device.
- Update: You can now set the new sneak button in the input controller menu.
- Update: Damage resistance now reduces the duration of enchantments. So a high EVIL resistance
reduces the duration of poision for example.
- Update: Damage resistance can now be expressed in percentage instead of damage shifts.
- Update: Improved the Warlock AI.
- Update: The boss fight in the Shadow Palace is now tougher.
- Update: Rebalance tweaks to the attack speed system.
- Update: The Valkyrie can now enter Divine Order of Aaron shops.
- Update: Some minor GUI improvements.
- Bugfix: Fixed secret in Shadow Palace not working properly.
- Bugfix: Particles no longer get stuck in walls.
- Bugfix: Fixed objects dissappearing into the ground.
- Bugfix: Fixed mouse controller not working properly.
- Bugfix: Fixed problems with shooting crossbows or longbows.
- Bugfix: Kills made by held items or mounts are now properly awarded to the holder or rider.
- Bugfix: Scorpion boss in Sand Palace will no longer hurt itself when using claw attacks.
- Bugfix: Fixed issue where Ghouls would spawn and die instantly.
- Bugfix: Hot Dog mounts no longer damage their riders while using fire breath.
- Bugfix: Fixed arrow trap no longer working.
- Bugfix: Issues with the Frost Orbs in the Ice Palace has been resolved.
- Bugfix: Player no longer gets lava damage while standing on the platforms in the Wizard Starter.
- Bugfix: Fixed a spawn problem when shooting the Gonne weapon.
- Bugfix: Fixed a problem with dynamic slot loading where data got loaded more than one time.
- Bugfix: Fixed Forgotten Fortress missing half of its objects and monsters.
- Bugfix: Antialiasing wasn't working properly for some solid objects.
- Bugfix: Fixed duplicate item exploit with the thunder spear.
- Bugfix: Removed various glitches in character animations.
- Bugfix: Fixed listen skill not always working.
- Bugfix: Confusion rays of the brain scrambler monsters work again.
- Bugfix: Portal to the next level now correctly spawns in Imprisoned One level 1.
- Bugfix: Any new unlocked modules are now properly scanned for when a module was just beaten.
- Bugfix: Armor suits did not spawn properly due to a script typo.
- Bugfix: Fixed the Imprisoned One and Archmage Trials questlines not properly progressing.
- Bugfix: Removed a crash bug that was caused by specific animations.
- Bugfix: Fixed some typos.
- Bugfix: The usual list of minor bugfixing.



 Post subject: Re: Egoboo 2.8.2 Beta
PostPosted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:17 pm 
Monolich (Senior Member)
Monolich (Senior Member)
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I didn't know you have psychic powers too. :shock:

Seriously, there are three things that I've hoped for but never said aloud: wider camera zooming, animation crash bug and resistances as percents. Especially the camera thing because most modules I make tend to have places that are so high that they can't be seen. :P

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 Post subject: Re: Egoboo 2.8.2 Beta
PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2011 6:54 pm 
Darkshine Knight (Extremist fanatic)
Darkshine Knight (Extremist fanatic)
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Joined: Fri Jul 25, 2008 8:16 pm
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Location: San Diego, CA
My keyboard works when it wants to with this version, even when I bound the controls myself! And yet, it's a generic PS/2 keyboard, nothing special...

EDIT: For some reason, binding controls to my game controller and then switching back to the keyboard (re-binding ofc) fixed it...strange...

EDIT 2: In the Elf starter, attacking with the right claw when disguised as a Lumpkin makes the damage particle appear at the same spot as the left claw.

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."
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